Friday, December 3, 2021

Countdown to Christmas 2021 Week 12



Here we are once again! 

Another year has gone by so quickly. 

Thank you for taking the time to share wares and encourage people to shop handmade in 2021. 

We hope that your holiday season is cheerful and filled with family and friends. Here's to 2022!

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  1. Many THANKS, Julie and Harry! So hard to believe that this is the last week - the Countdown just seemed to zoom right on by. Will tweet and pin all items and will share the blog.

    Also shared the Countdown on my blog - comments always welcome. And THANKs to those who always left a comment (:

  2. Pinned thru 12

  3. This has been so much fun! But on a bittersweet note, by now I am sure all of you have heard that ArtFire is shutting down on 12/31/21. As that was my only selling venue I am now faced with the decision to find a new site. For now, with my health issues and sight impairment, I am not sure I can continue on. I am not giving up yet though. Even if I do not continue to sell I still want to be a supporter of this group and want to continue with future countdowns. With that being said. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! I wish all of you the biggest success in the coming year.

    1. I kind of abandoned AF for a couple of years when I wanted to focus on my own website and Amazon, thinking of paying $5.95/ month was not that bad. However, the sales kept decreasing until there was no existence. In July, I checked the forum to see whether AF was still active or not. I also googled its reviews and surprised to see its rank (1.8 out of 5). It really went down the hill. Many stated that there are a lot of scammers selling on AF. I did not want to be associated with that and thus I decided to close my AF account. I asked AF to close it at the end of the month since we pay it monthly, right. And it just closed it right away, before I was able to download all my sales reports. I was disappointed how it treated me after many years I was there. However, I am grateful that because I joined AF, I could meet you all and even after most of us left AF, we still support each other.

      I hope you continue selling your beautiful jewelries and find a new site, and I wish you a good health.

    2. Thanks for mentioning the ArtFire situation, Kathy. I've still got my shop there, but on vacation, and have been wondering whether to let it go. I guess the decision's been made. It's a shame what happened with ArtFire, but meeting all you wonderful friends there was worth the struggles. I don't know when I'll be opening my Etsy shop again, but I'll still be promoting. :) Sorry to hear about the health and eyes, Kathy. I'm always hoping you're doing well. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone. xoxo.

  4. Something is wrong with this weeks countdown. It's only Saturday and it says it's ended already?