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Mother's Day Countdown 2022 Midweek 8 Famous Mothers


She wanted to talk to the animals like Doctor Doolittle. And she did. Once known as Baroness Jane van Lawick-Goodall, Jane Goodall has made her life mission one that included talking to animals. Primarily the wild chimpanzees of Tanzania. She spent 60 years studying their social and family interactions while fighting to preserve and conserve their habitats.

Her work put her in the middle of a chimpanzee community where instead of numbering the primates, she gave them names like Fifi and Frodo. She discovered the more she observed them, the more she recognized distinct personalities amongst the community. They also like to hug and kiss each other. She dispelled a long held belief that only humans used tools and that chimpanzees were vegetarians. 

Chimpanzees are hunters, and they have no problem fashioning tools to get what they want. They can be brutal. They would arm themselves for conflict if necessary.

Over the years, Jane found that she was considered a member of the troop, and the chimps ranked her the lowest on their social order. They did warm up to her, and she stayed until an aggressive male took over the troop and ran her out.

She was the mother of chimpanzees, and she established the Jane Goodall Institute in 1977 where they fight to preserve and protect the habitats and the lives of the troops. She endured criticism for her work, as well as had her belief in God questioned.

Jane did take time out to become a mother of a human. Grub. His real name is Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick, but she called him Grub. She was so concerned about his well-being while she was with the chimps, that she built and cage and put Grub in it.  

He grew up in the wilds of Africa, and now he lives in her old home and is an animal right’s activist. There is a 2017 documentary titled Jane that features 140 hours of film that Hugo shot of his mother.

Mother of one or mother of all chimpanzees, Jane gave us insights into mothers and children that are no different no matter how much fur they have or don't have.

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  1. It is so good to see a biography of Jane Goodall included with your famous mothers. She is a hero of mine - what a wonderful woman. And I love your animal themed picks. Many thanks for adding my elephant earrings in with all the other beauties. The Moose sends tasty treats to his Handsome Florida Buddy. Thanks, again!

  2. I sure do remember Jane Goodall! She was always so much fun to watch on TV documentaries with the chimpanzees. I enjoyed reading about her again. Animals make a great theme for our handmade gifts for Mother's Day, too. Thanks, Julie, for putting this together and including my hematite lion head pendant necklace. Shared each on various Pinterest boards and will be sharing this blog post on Facebook soon.

  3. Thank you Julie for including my Gemstone Necklace among your Mother's Day Gifts. So interesting to see the many gifts you featured to highlight the life of Jane Goodall!

  4. Thanks Julie for featuring Jane Goodall and my owl bracelet in this Mother's Day Gift Assortment. She's a woman who followed her passion!

  5. I always a fan of Jane Goodall. Love her work, what an amazing woman. So glad that she is featured here. Thank you so much for including our Monkey Invitations among these beautiful creations. Off to share.