Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black is Always a Classy Choice

Black is used in designs to create contrast because our eyes are trained to see things in contrast. The contrast of colors creates a moment of intense focus that we enjoy for a variety of reasons.

Black is used to represent drama and to bring life to lighter colors, like yellows or white. Black is a solid color with a sturdy steadiness to it. It is solid and stable.

Black is dominant and can overwhelm if too many dark colors are used. It is best to not use black on black, unless of course, you are Morticia in The Addams Family. Then it works perfectly fine with a pale white bone china face.

Black can stand alone, but it really deserves a companion color that will enhance it and make a statement. If it is paired with red, it is very classy and a little bit naughty. If you pair it with white, it leaves no room for compromise. It is, after all, black and white.

While too much black can become overwhelming, such as in mourning, there is no reason not to use black in designs that are created for evening wear or for demanding attention. The color black is a perfect accent to bright metals, like gold or silver.

In clothing, it is slimming and dressy. It is perfect when there is somewhere to go that demands elegance. It is not welcoming or warm, so if you are in a standoff mood, dress in black and keep everyone away from you. They will, however, admire you from afar and murmur about your “chic-ness”.

Enjoy these back in black classic examples from our Mother’s Day selections. Mom needs something classy for her elegant days.

As you can see, these examples show how many different ways that black can be used in design.


Bamboo Garden Dichroic Glass Pendant and Earrings Set



Black Onyx Dangle Earrings, Betel Nut Beads,

Earthy Elegance, Handmade



Annealed wire Pendant with Cat Eye Gem


Bracelet, black and white, lava, shell


Large black tan brown maple leaf glazed

ceramic leather cord pendant


Sterling Bali Beads and Black Obsidian

Gemstone Choker Necklace


Antique Yemen Silver Inlay Black Coral Prayer Beads


Amazonite Black Onyx Rhodium Pewter Sterling Silver Earrings



Tektites White Agate Rhodochrosite Gemstone

Necklace Handmade OOAK


Tourmaline Black Agate Gemstone Carved Moon Necklace


Black and White Rectangle Fused

Glass Post Earrings, Sterling Silver


Black and white Swarovski crystal beaded hoop earrings


Vintage Napier Earrings -

Round, Black, Rhinestone, Goldtone


Black Lava Necklace Volcanic Gemstone

Silver Toggle Handcrafted


Black Obsidian and White Howlite Multi Wrap

Gemstone Bracelet


Yin Yang Polymer Clay Pendant with Gem Stones,

Black and White


Black Onyx Olive Green Agate with

Crystal and Copper Pendant Necklace


Black and White Tablecoth Hand Fringed,

Reversible, 52x67


Handmade black pearl necklace with

Swarovski crystal silver 17 inch


Hand Knit Black and White Playful Plaid

Dishcloth or Washcloth


White Flower Earrings on Black with

Siam Red Swarovski Crystals Dangle


As you can see, black is perfect with or without other colors, but each additional color gives black a new meaning. Give mom something classy and then take her somewhere elegant.


Enjoy and share

Julie and Blu


  1. Wonderful post, Julie (with help from Blu, I'm sure!). As you said, black is such a good foil with many other colors. When I'm not sure what to wear, especially on those rare dress up occassions: black pants, white shirt and a pop of color with the accessories. Can't go wrong! You highlighted many wonderful combos in this post. Thank you for including my tektite necklace. Sharing (:

  2. Wow, thank you so much for including my glazed maple leaf pendant necklace. So many gorgeous black and white pieces! What I noticed most is how several of the jewelry pieces from different artisans could be worn together. Plus, even the dishcloth and the tablecloth go together! - Connie- The Singing Beader

  3. What a great collection utilizing black as a focal. It definitely highlights other colors and is a great "go to" when you can't make up your mind about what to wear - or decorate with. Thanks so much for including our lava and white shell memory bracelet.

  4. Beautiful collection of black and white creations, so elegant and stunning. Thank you for including my necklace, Off to share.

  5. Basic black is always a good and easy choice. I'm wearing that as I write! These are all fantastic items that I would like to receive for Mother's Day. Hint hint. Thank you so much for the promotion and for adding in my dichroic bamboo pendant and earring set! Will share these great gift ideas.

  6. A very timely blog in anticipation of Mother's Day. Though it is appropriate for all occasions. I like to dress in black with a colorful scarf at my throat and around my shoulders just a bit. I have tons of scarves of many colors.

    This blog is spot on as advice on dressing wisely and with class. Thank you for including my antique black coral prayer beads from Yemen.

  7. Thank you so much for including my earrings in and amongst all of these beauties Julie!
    I love the sultry richness of black and then when you pair it with another colour bamm there it is!

    Kathy :)

  8. Thank you for including my Yin Yang pendant necklace. Wonderful blog post. :)

  9. What a coincidence - I picked black jeans and a white blouse from my closet this morning :) Thank you Julie for putting together this beautiful collection of blacks. These are colors that everyone wears. Off to promote.

  10. Shared on FaceBook! You have done a really nice job on the blog entry. Makes me feel loved! Thanks for your support, hopefully I'll get some some sales. I'm close to 600 items in my store now! Shop Ladies and Gents! Thanks, EvezBeadz :D

  11. Julie you made a beautiful selection of black combinations. Thank you for including my howlite bracelet! Off to share everyone..and you blog of course!

  12. Fantastic feature! Love wearing black! Thanks so much, Julie and Blu, for including my earrings with all these lovelies. :)

  13. This is a classy collection /blog :O)
    Maybe we can do a online magazine with black/white later one.
    Off to share

  14. What a great idea to blog about. It is interesting how black behaves in design! Thank you for including my earrings - now I wish I had a better photo. ;)

  15. Very classy!! I love them all! Thanks so much for including my pearl necklace. Off to do some promoting! :)

  16. Very nice post of classic black and white! Thanks Julie - all pinned this week.

  17. Thanks again, Julie! Fially finished saving on Wanelo and pinning: