Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Purity and Innocence

A white stretch of expanse as far as the eye can see. It is untouched by humans or animals and when the sun hits it, it glistens and glitters in iridescent shimmers of tiny points of light. A fresh snowfall is pristine and adds brilliance to the landscape.

These are the same reasons that designers use white in their designs. The symbolism of purity is portrayed in the color white. White is sanitary and clean, fresh and wholesome and was once the only color that nurses and doctors wore to emphasize the cleanliness of their profession and evoke trust in their skills and abilities.

White is used to symbolize freshness and bridal innocence.

When white enters a design, it brings a spaciousness to the design. There are no hard borders and the design is free to open up and encompass its’ surroundings. A white space around an element draws the eye into the element. An all white piece of jewelry, such as a strand of pearls, provides the eye with simple pleasure. There is no thinking when the eye is drawn to a string of pearls. It is pure in shape and design while pleasing to the eye. The use of a contrasting black dress makes the simple white design dramatic and classic.

White is used with other colors to tone them down. When white is mixed with any color, you get pastels. The white used in a design brings the other colors into focus without overwhelming the eye with too much of a good thing. White and shades of white temper a design. It brings harmony into a design and draws together all the colors of the color wheel. It represents deep winter designs as well as spring flowers. It brings contrast to both an autumn and a summer palette.

White makes a great stabilizer, while being able to hold its’ own in a design consisting of only white. White frames other colors and designs. It opens up space and allows light into a design.

Pearls, mother of pearl, quartz, stone, marble and so many other natural materials are shades of white and utilized in design.

Designers use white to create the mood they are looking for when creating a piece of jewelry, clothing, photograph or other artistic endeavor.

These artists have used white in their designs as an expression of the mood they wanted to achieve.


Freshwater Pearls Glass Gold Seed Beads


16 and a half inch Cobalt Blue Renaissance White Glass Pearl Necklace


Flower Bouquet hand stamped blank greeting card 219


    Handmade "Rag" BurpCloths and Matching Blanket-Geometric Floral


    White Jade with Pink Seed Bead Earrings


    Night Light with Blue and Yellow Millefiori Flowers on White Base OOAK


    Little Girls Skirt - Blue and White Lattice and Lace with Flowers


    White glass pearls two long strands earrings magnetic clasp gift box


    White Formal Tablecloth Embroidered Grapes And Leaves Fringed 48x86


    Pink Rose Flower Lampwork Glass Earrings Handmade Swarovski Crystals


    Snow White Natural Coral Graduated Necklace



    Nested Heart Puzzle - Three hearts in On


    Handmade Necklace Multi Strand Pink and White Vintage Enamel Flower


    Amethyst Chip Porcelain Bead and Crystal Multi Wrap Bracelet


    Etched Bead Black And White Geometric Handmade Lampwork Glass Focal


    Wire Wrapped Eagle Eye Agate Pendant, Quartz and Glass Bead Necklace


    Hand Knit White Wave Lace Mini Washcloth or Dishcloth


    Antique Postcard Beautiful Swans Swimming on a Lake with Lily Pads - Pond - 1909


    Vintage Chunky Bangel Bracelet - White - Swirl - Retro


    White Beaded Bracelet with Polka Dots, Swarovski Pearls, Toggle Clasp


    Pink Doves and White Mother Of Pearl Gemstone Necklace


    Emerging Love - Hand Spun Spirit Cord - Handmade with Love


      Abstract Dichroic Fused Glass Double Bail Jewelry Pendant on White


      White Pearls and Antique Copper Toggle Bracelet


      Three Flowers Blooming in Yellow, Red and Green, Tile


      Hearts and Swirls Framed Wood Wall Art Handcrafted from Oak Plywood


      Chunky Handmade Necklace Snow Quartz Zebra Jasper Gemstone OOAK


      Hand Painted Pastoral Scene on Wood Beads, Coral, Mother of Pearl


      As you can see from the many uses of white in a design, the differences are dramatic. Whether alone or with another color, white is an integral part of any design or artistic endeavor. White is a versatile addition to any composition and should be considered when designing.

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      Enjoy all that is white!

      Julie and Blu