Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It’s a Small Town

It was a small village, but it soon became a big story one night. The little town of Bethlehem is now a Palestinian city that is located around the central part of the West Bank in Palestine. It has around 25,000 people living there, and of course, the economy is tourist driven.

However, one night, a couple thousand plus years ago, it was the scene of a birth that would rock the world. It started its humble journey into history as a small, yet fortified, city ruled by Rehoboam, who was an Israeli king from biblical times. Bethlehem was the home of David, and then, Jesus. Over time, the city has been destroyed and rebuilt a number of times.

In the early 1800s, Phillips Brooks, then an Episcopalian priest in Philadelphia took a visit to the city of Bethlehem, and after that visit, he was so inspired by the city and overwhelmed by being in the town of Jesus’ birth that he sat down and wrote a poem.

He took his poem to the organist at his church, who applied a tune as the accompaniment.  He explains that he was so busy thinking about an upcoming lesson that he was teaching that the tune was hastily thrown together for a one evening performance and nothing more. He was at a loss as to the tune and said that divine intervention by an angel gave him the tune.

Later the tune did live on and was published as a leaflet and it was published in the book titled The Church Porch, and the editor gave it the name St. Louis. For the life of me, I cannot make the connection as to why or what he was thinking to give it that name.

In Britain, they use another tune for the song called The Ploughboys’ Dream.

None the less, it is another Christmas carol that we can attribute to the United States.

Here is a purely American rendition of this favorite tune.

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