Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Beautimous Borderlands Botanicals

From the southwestern states to South American, the long-stemmed zinnia has bloomed brilliantly among the cacti and sunning lizards. It is one of the most colorful and happy flowers that you can plant in your garden, and they are easy to grow, too.

They symbolize endurance, and since moms really endure a lot from her youngsters, these bright  flowers make excellent additions to her Mother’s Day bouquet. The zinnia is a thoughtful flower in that it stands for thoughts of a missing friend or friends.

It was first noticed as the wildflower that it is, which means that it had a long stalk and was rather scraggly looking even as it reached two or three feet in height. It is a tough flower that can withstand the climates of the desert, so it made a rather interesting flower to study. It has been crossbred into a gazillion colors and combinations.

While the Victorians saw the zinnia as an absent friend, today, we use it to symbolize the heart and lasting affection. It is also a symbol of exuberant endurance, which it needs to live in harsher climates and its flowers are bright and cheerful.

It comes in a variety of colors that mean the following:

  • Yellow – daily remembrance
  • Magenta – lasting affection
  • Red – of the heart
  • White – purity
  • Mixed – thoughts of a missing friend

It has no great Latin name, as it was named after Dr. Johann Gottfried Zinn who brought it back to Germany to study.

Hummingbirds love zinnias, as well as butterflies, which is why my flower garden has a  number of zinnias among the other butterfly friendly flowers. These flowers range from one inch to seven inches across and can stand as tall as four feet.

The poor zinnia started out with a Spanish name that meant the sickness of the eye (mal de ojos), so we should be happy that Mr. Zinn  found one and took it home with him.

800px-Zinnia_single_layer_and_12_Petals_2This wild zinnia is an example of the ones that captured Mr. Zinn’s attention. Photo courtesy of wikipedia.

All of these gift ideas from our talented artists make thoughtful gifts that you can give to mom or whomever you have on your gift list.

Since I am writing this on Earth Day, we shall explore the earth through the eyes of these artists.

Hand Knit Green Four Leaf Clover Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth

Holly Knitter Creation 

Hand Beaded Brown Ultra Suede Brass Cuff

Lady Green Eyes Jewelry 

Protective Laptop Sleeve in Earthy Colors

RSS Designs in Fiber 

Statement Necklace Gift for Her Boho

Blonde Peach Jewelry 

Boho Dangle Earrings with Green and White Beads and Jasper Bohemian Jewelry 2-inches Long

Blue Morning Expressions 

Boho Drop Earrings for Women

Pretty Gonzo 

10mm Etched Glass Beads Pale Olive Handmade Lampwork Silver 1448efs

Covergirl Beads 

Sparkling Forest Green Brown Dichroic Fused Glass Clip On Earrings


Leopard Print Womens Wallet and Accessories


Peridot Swarovski Crystal Earring Pendant

Magdalene Jewels 

Green Hamsa Bracelet


Cat Lampwork Green Jade Aventurine Jasper Copper Long BOHO Necklace

Kats All That 

Green Serpentine Gemstone Necklace, Chunky Handmade Jewelry Copper

Shadow Dog Designs 

Large Dark Green Oval Russian Serpentine Gemstone Pendant Necklace

The Singing Beader 

Winding Road Near Windsor New York


Volleyball Player Desk Clock Handcrafted From Cherry Wood

Kevs Krafts 

Green Malachite and Golden Tiger Eye Round Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Dianes Dangles 

Hope that you enjoyed these gorgeous creations. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact any of the above friendly and creative artists, and I am sure that they will be more than happy to make something just for your “mom”.

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Enjoy, and share this blog post and all of these handmade items with your friends and family! We handmade artists always appreciate a good share. Smile



  1. Another wonderful post, Julie! Zinnias are definitely wildlife magnets. Had no idea they came from very dry regions. Hmmmmm . . . will have to go out and buy some see now and see if they will grow here. Also love all the handmade beauties in green that you chose for today. Thank you for including my serpentine necklace. Will share the post and the items in all the likely spots. Mr. Moose sends his Florida friend doggie kisses and lots of tail wags (:

  2. Thank you Julie for this lovely post. My grandmother always had zinnias growing in her yard so this reminded me of her. They are wonderful flowers. I planted orange and yellows ones in pots the other day. As I was watering them with the hose a male Rufus hummingbird came to inspect them and play in the water spray. That was a lovely experience! Off to share.

  3. Thanks Julie!
    Pinned each item and scheduled tweets, shared the post around, too.

  4. I love reading your extensive history of various flowers each week on your Blogs!! Thank you for including my Peridot Earrings among so many other talented artisans!

  5. Thank you, Julie! Shared your post on FB and pinned each of these beautiful items featuring the color green. Thanks for including my serpentine gemstone pendant necklace.

  6. That was really interesting about zinnias and where they are from. Thanks Julie...I enjoyed it. Also, enjoyed this weeks collection and thank you for adding my cat lampwork BOHO necklace. Off to share.

  7. Zinnias are so pretty and I'm glad the name was changed!

    Thanks for sharing my green hamsa bracelet. Pinned all the items and shared the post on G+==

  8. I love all Greens - Great selection of Handmade and Vintage items from Indie Sellers -- all different Greens!! Thanks for including my Handmade Laptop Sleeve in Earthy Colors in my RSS Designs In Fiber Etsy Shop!! --- And I am loving your covering of different Flowers!

  9. Interesting info on zinnias, Julie, and such wonderful earthy creations! Thanks so much, and thanks for including my earrings. Will be doing the sharing thing, for sure! xoxo to you and Bill!

  10. Thanks so much everyone for all of your shares. I have shared everyone's beautiful Creations on Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter. <3

  11. Enjoyed your information on zinnias. Thanks for including my lampwork beads.