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Mother’s Day Around the World–Japan

Mother’s Day in Japan is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, and like most countries, the children give their mothers handmade items and do all of mom’s chores. The red carnation is the flower for Mother in Japan. Carnations are a symbol of purity, sweetness and endurance, like mom.

The day starts with a Haha-no-hi, which means Happy Mother’s Day and derived from the word hahaoya (mother), and children wake their mothers up with this greeting. The grown children do not send flowers or cards like in other countries, but they show up at the door with flowers in hand.

The celebration of mom could have begun from the celebration of the birthday of Empress Kojun who was born on March, 6, or it could have begun in 1913 with the arrival of Christian missionaries. Regardless, I am almost positive that they were celebrating mom long before the missionaries arrived; although, the missionaries might have given the celebrations an official date.

The Imperial Women’s Union made it official in 1931 and the festivals spread across the country by 1949.

There was a complete halt of Mother’s Day during WWII when Japan banned all Western celebrations or customs.

While the kids do make handmade gifts, they do purchase kimonos for mom in pink or red flowers, or the feng shui happiness cat. They also buy the mom and baby kokeshi doll  and fragrance cards like the red geisha fan.

The most popular Mother’s Day meal consists of sushi, nimono, tamagoyaki, miso soup and tofu.

The unofficial national flower of Japan is the chrysanthemum.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day Around the World

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