Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Christmas Traditions - Christmas tree

Pagans. Lots of sticks, branches and trees have been incorporated into the celebrations of the winter festivals.

The fir tree in particular has been used by Pagans to decorate their homes during winter solstice.

The Romans used the fir to decorate the temples during the festival of Saturnalia.

Christians associate evergreens with the everlasting life with Jesus.

Thousands of years ago, the tree was drug into the house (where it did NOT belong, I might add), and while they were not always fir trees (cherry, hawthorns, etc), they were usually potted and decorated. At one point, and I do not know why other than to thwart the cats, they were hung upside down from the ceiling.

If you couldn’t afford a tree, you could build a pyramid out of wood and carry that around with you. It was portable enough to go from house to house, and if you remember as we have traveled the world to look at Christmas traditions, some folks still use this pyramid today.

These pyramids may have been modeled after The Paradise Tree that was used in medieval times, when no one could read, as part of the early church’s way of getting people to come to see the play about the birth of Christ.

There are two towns vying for the honor of having the first Christmas tree. Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia. Both insist that they were first.

These trees were both put into the town square by the Brotherhood of Blackheads, who represented all of the unmarried ship owners, merchants and other eligible bachelors. It is said that they put the trees up and burned them down. But, not until there was drinking, fair maidens dancing and lots of singing. Sounds a lot like many holiday dinners even now!

It is rumored that Martin Luther was the first to bring the traditional Christmas tree into the house, but there is no way to determine who was the first to bring a house inside.

In addition, there are a number of other legends, myths and rumors around the first Christmas tree, but the one thing that we can believe is that the Christmas tree is a tradition that we all have enjoyed whether we had one in our homes or not.

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