Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Christmas Traditions - Poinsettia

Another week, another awesome tall tale!

Well, sort of. Let’s start with the tall tale of how the Poinsettia is associated with Christmas.

The story starts like: Once upon a time. No, no, very specifically at the time of Jesus’ birth. This little Mexican girl had nothing to bring baby Jesus. She felt terrible that she had traveled all the way from Mexico to Bethlehem with no gift, so she picked a handful of weeds. No, no, wait. She was not going to Bethlehem; she was in her own country in front of the pretend baby Jesus on the altar. That’s how it goes.

She took her handful of weeds and placed them in the crib of baby Jesus. They were instantly transformed into red flowers like no one had ever seen before. They were sure it was a divine miracle, so they called her red flowers The Flowers of the Holy Night.

From that point on, the tradition says that the leaves and petals make up the Star of Bethlehem. The red leaves are the blood of Christ and the white leaves are the purity of Jesus.

We get to the truth when we realize that the Poinsettia was introduced to the United States when the then ambassador, Joel Poinsett, sent some of the flowers from Mexico to his greenhouse in South Carolina in 1825. From there, the flower was shown at a flower show by one of his friends. Joel had been sharing the plants with botanical gardens and friends all over The East. One of those folks selling the plants, the Ecke family, are still the biggest producers of Poinsettias today.

The leaves can be used to create purple dye, and the white sap from the plant is now what we use in latex.

These showy flowers are the official flower of Madagascar.

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  1. Another fun "tall tale" about a plant so associated with Christmas (although mine has been blooming all year long since last Christmas!). Red is my favorite color so am reveling in the reds shared today. Thanks for including my red coral and black onyx necklace. Will pin all and do some tweeting. Treats to Handsome Harry from a Sacked Out Moose Dog.

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  7. Julie,

    Thank you for including my red double wrap macramé bracelet in this gorgeous red collection.

    All the items were shared in twitter @AndreaDesign1 and Pinterest 2019-Countdown for Christmas board. And, fun tall tale about the red Poinsettia.