Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Gifts for Her–Amethyst and Handmade


It all starts with Bacchus, the god of wine having a very, very, very, not so ordinary day. He had decided that he was going to toss the very first person who crossed his path to his very, very, very, not so ordinary hungry tigers.

Who should come bouncing along happy, cheerful and most delightful on her way to a temple service for the lovely Diana, goddess of the moon? The innocent maiden, Amethyst.

As she was being devoured by those tigers, she cried out to Diana to save her.  Diana answered Amethyst's call and transformed her into a beautiful white stone, thus saving her from being eaten, but still a rock in the end.

Bacchus, whose mood had greatly improved at the sight of her being eaten was wowed by the miracle and immediately (because guys can never, ever leave anything alone) dashed wine upon the stone, turning it to the lovely purple stone we know and adore today. 

It is said to prevent drunkenness (Bacchus, I am looking at YOU) as part of its metaphysical properties. It is also the birthstone of the February baby.

It is said to be a spiritual stone that can protect, as well as be a crystal of selflessness, balance, inner peace and nobleness.

All I know is it is purple, and I love purple!

Here are some other wonderful purple selections to choose from.

Closeup of Purple Verbena Digital Watercolor Coachella Valley Wildlife Preserve Framed Art Print

Colleen Cornelius 

Knit Scarf Set, Orchid Scarf, Hat and Mitts

Crafting Memories 1 

Violet Flower Enamel Earrings, Purple Blue Artisan Made Jewelry

Victorian Style Treasures 

Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads, Premium Purple EDP Shiny Glossy 254g

Covergirl Beads 

Butterfly Charm Multi Wrap Purple Green Yellow Orange BOHO Bracelet

Kats All That 

Purple Swarovski Crystal Memory Bracelet

Magdalene Jewels 

Exotic Wood, Afzelia Pendant Faceted Agate Beaded Necklace 925 S.S.


Purple Pink White Enamel Earrings

Shadow Dog Designs 

Lilac Purple Pearl Earrings

The Singing Beader  

Purple Flower Dangle Earrings for Women with Chains Swarovski Crystals

Blue Morning Expressions 

If you didn’t see something that you thought would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea, then contact any of these artists, and ask them to help you create something.

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Hurry and buy your handmade Mother’s Day gift now; handmade gifts sell out fast!