Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seeing Red

Warm, vibrant, sultry, sexy and HOT, the use of red in a design yells for attention. This strong color is guaranteed to draw attention to the design. The use of red in design has a long history.
From the first cave paintings in red ochre to the hematite powder of Chinese graves, red was significant in ancient civilizations. The red signified power, war, anger and danger. It was used in paintings, drawings, clothing dye and body paint for celebrations. The color red can evoke a range of emotions; all of them as strong as the color itself. It is no wonder, it is the symbol of danger. Stop signs and fire engines are all red.
Red was used for royalty since it was an expensive color to create. Some reds were derived by grinding up tiny insects that are found in the Mediterranean region, which was an expensive venture. The Romans imported the bugs from Spain in order to create their reds.
The Egyptian women used ochre to add blush to their lips and cheeks.
Red is symbolic for the heart and used to exhibit romance, passion and love. A red rose is the symbol of true love and passion. Red is the color associated with brides in China with the bride’s gown being red. Greek and Armenian women wear red veils to their weddings.
It is the color associated with both China and the Roman Catholic Church; the Chinese consider it good luck and the Catholic Church consider it royal.
Red paint wards off evil in some cultures and it is part of their ceremonial costumes.
Artists add red to their design to evoke a mood from the viewer. Since red is outgoing and passionate, you may find red in clothing or jewelry that is bold and fun for the wearer. A use of red as accent draws the viewer’s eyes to that part of the design. Any dress or necklace that is predominantly red is usually worn by individuals who are very self-confident and have no problem demanding attention from others. This color is perfect for outgoing and confident women who are sure of themselves. Those who may be less confident may either use the color to work on their self-esteem or choose a lighter or darker shade of red that is less bold. A pink or a maroon will change the red in a design.
Artists who do not want to add bold red, but wish to have a great red influence may go with a burgundy or a maroon as an excellent accent to another color. Those colors will also work as a solid color in the design, since they are less likely to be overwhelming.
The size of the beads in a red piece will make a huge difference as well. Chunky, bright red jewelry evokes a different reaction than dainty, tiny red seed beads.
No matter how an artist uses red in their designs, red is a most powerful influence for the wearer and the viewer.
These designers all know how to use red to bring their audience into their designs.

Silk Brick Red Orchid Floral arrangement


Swarovski Crystals Glass And Pewter Wild Rose Reds Necklace


Genuine Red Ruby Jewelry Necklace Post Earring Set, Sterling Silver


Hand Knit Red Apple Picture Cloth


Necklace Red Spot White Black Dagger Bead Rubber Silver Plate Bail


Recycled Vintage Ruby Red Cabochon and Rhinestone Ring, Silver Band


Tiny Christmas Bird


Fire Engine Push Toy - Red


Hopeful Heart Wire Wrapped, red glass beads Pure Copper Necklace


Earrings, Dangle, Crystal, Garnet, Copper, Dark Red, Ear Wires


Tropical, Festive, White Flowers, Scrabble (c) tile Pendant


22K Gold Leaf, Red Handmade Fused Glass Cherry Blossom Pendant


Red Glass Dangle Earrings with White and Black Circles, Handmade


Pair of Vintage Earrings - Summer Fashion -  1980s


1919 Antique Valentine Postcard - Rose Petals - Heart - Gibson Lines


Red and Black Sunflower and Dragonfly Necklace


Lined Red and Yellow Check Handmade Placemat 13x20 Inches Table Linen


Crystal Clip On Earrings, Red Swarovski Bicones, Clear Twisted Rounds


Old Yemen Silver Plaque Amulet Four Stranded Coral Bead Necklace


Hand Blown Glass Cinnamon Candy Red and Pink Striped Handmade Earrings


Red and Antique Copper Charm Necklace



Red White Lampwork Siam Swarovski Summer Earrings Handmade OOAK


Red Jasper and Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Two Sided Gemstone Pendant

These designers have offered up wonderful examples of how to use red in a design. To see more of the items these artists have to offer, please see the following blog post.

Use red today!
Julie and Blu


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  6. I love to wear red as I am Asian and we often love to wear this color! It accents our black hair and speaks like a flower on a small woman. Red is passionate and bold and reminiscent of fire. It sets off many other colors in bright happy contrast. I wear a red coat that can be seen from far off in the snow. A bit of red worn close to the throat is just, well....Hot!

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