Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gentle Decadence

Gourmet food and fine wine.

Over-indulgence on any level.

Blooming crocus.

Sometimes, lavender gets a bad rap, especially when used as a derogatory slam against people. However, lavender was simply the flower for many years and not associated with a true color in the box of 64 crayons until much later. It was not until 1705 that people used the words floral lavender for anything other than the actual flower. Floral lavender is the true medium purple of the flower. The flower has many shades of lavender radiating from the center.

The lavender flower symbolizes love and devotion. They are pure, they are serene and they symbolize caution. A gift of lavender signifies a great adventure.

Lavender is the color of femininity, and it represents grace, elegance and the art of romance. It is healing and tranquil.

Because it is a not so distant cousin of the royal purple, it has spiritual and wealthy connotations as well. It is refined and luxurious.

The use of lavender acts as a trigger for nostalgia rather than the deeper mystery associated with purple.

Lavender is perfectly paired with mint or pale pink when used in a design. It is warmed by reds and cooled by blues. It is made earthy by the use of browns.

Lavender is shy and introspective.

You will find shades of lavender in Periwinkles, Wisteria and Lilacs. All very feminine flowers. Lavender flowers are considered delicate and precious.

An amethyst is considered lavender.

The lavender plant promotes healing and well-being. It is used in cooking and makes wonderful scones and cookies. It is a great tea for relaxing and meditating. It works equally well in salad dressing and anti-dandruff shampoo. It’s a moth repellant and a great bath soak. I presume not at the same time. It is calming and has a disinfectant property that makes it perfect for cleaning.

It is a sleep aid and a sinus remedy.

Give someone you love a bundle of lavender or make your soap or sachet with lavender. These are some of the uses for the plants.

Lavender is lovely and when added to a gift basket, makes someone feel very unique and special, just like the color lavender is.

These designers have used lavender throughout their designs to give that “specialness” to the recipient.





Lavender and Purple Bracelet with Glass Pearls



Women's Plus Size Half Apron Daisies with gold Made in the USA


Sugilite Amethyst Gemstone Copper Wire Wrap Long Earrings



Rainbow Fluorite Amethyst Handmade Necklace Purple Gemstone OOAK Beads


Chunky Purple Stripe Interchangable Watch Band


Hand Knit Lovely Lavender Beautiful Bunny Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth


Lavender Flower Beaded Watch with Pale Blue Trumpet Flowers Polymer


Dice earrings light purple lavender lilac gambler casino jewelry


Ladies Violet Embroidered Sweatshirt Jacket. Sizes 2X-5X.


Bridesmaid pearl beaded purple dangle earrings



Purple Lavender Flower Fairy Swarovski Crystals Round Glass Necklace



Set of Vintage Hoop Earrings - Pierced - Small - Pale Lavender and White


Purple Handmade Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant Dappled w Silver



Amethyst Gemstone Nugget Necklace


Golden Nephrite Jade and Vivid Rose Quartz Gemstone Beaded Bracelet


3D Lightning Strike Art Earrings in Lavender and Purple Polymer Clay with Gold Leaf


Wine and Plum Window Curtains Floor Length Custom Handmade Ruffle Ties


Lavender Flower Post Earrings, Sterling Silver Ear Studs, Handmade



Handmade Crochet Purple Hues Crochet Bracelet


Vintage Postcard The Rose Co - Purple Violet Horseshoe Best Wishes 1908 Wilmington Delaware Cancel



Bright Yellow and Lavender Scrabble Style Pendant



Set of 3 Lavender, Turquoise, and White Fancy Mum Flower Hair Pins



Handmade Lampwork Bead Etched Glass Color Changing Dark Lavender Focal


Pink Opalite and White Baroque Freshwater Pearl 17 inch Necklace


Copper Earring with Blue Tree Agate Earring


Handmade Snowflake Christmas Ornament Baltic Birch Craft Plywood Purple Any Age Unisex


Black crystal and fresh water pearl dangle earrings



Pure Natural Lavender Handmade Artisan Soap Aromatherapy Essential Oil



Lavender Crystal Pendant Clear and Swarovski Crystal Necklace Earrings


Pink and Black Spotted Rhodonite Stone Beaded Silver Wire Wrapped Ring


With all these lovely lavender choices, some lucky lady is bound to receive lavender this Mother’s Day.

If you would like to see what else these talented designers have to offer, visit the Mother’s Day Countdown post and explore their studios for other gift giving ideas.

Grab a cup of lavender tea, curl up in a lavender bathrobe and read an old Janet Daily Harlequin Romance book. Now, that is decadence.

Enjoy and happy sales

Julie and Blu


  1. Lovely lavender! I feel calmer already just reading this.:) Thank you for including my dice earrings along with these other gorgeous items. My 100th buyer can get these earrings free along with any other purchase in The Singing Beader studio. :) Will share this blog!

  2. Gorgeous I love lavender the colour and the scent. Thank you for including my earrings :)

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  3. Love the colors in this collection. Perfect mixture of all the great shops! Thank you for including my lavender necklace! I will post this on my blog!

  4. Lavender always makes me think of springtime... great post, Julie :-)

  5. Certain shades of rose and lavender do indeed make me think of ladies in a heavily draped parlour with violet perfume and old dried roses in a vase. Gentle decadence, indeed!

  6. I can smell the Lavender. What a beautiful collection and great info on Lavender. Thanks for including our watch band. Will be sharing.

  7. I feel so honored to be included in these collections. Thank you Julie. I will promote.

  8. There are some beautiful pieces featured here today.

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  9. Another interesting post and filled with luscious designs – lovely zen feeling.

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  11. Beautiful lavenders, thank you for including my copper and Sugilite earrings. shared.

  12. What a wonderful collection of lavender! Thank you so much for including my ring :)

  13. This collection makes me even more anxious for my Provence lavender to bloom (have one plant in a pot and am talking a lot to it!). As always, a fascinating read with exquisite examples of all the different shades of lavender. Sharing this now with the world! Thanks, Julie and Blu!

  14. Saw the field of lavender 2 summer ago in France ,it was beautiful ...
    wonderful collection ! Thank you so much for including my earrings :O)

  15. Your suggestion of curling up with tea, a bathrobe and a romance novel sounds so appealing. I'm sure every Mom would love to receive that for Mother's Day - along with a gift from this collection of course! Thank you for including my earrings.

  16. Ooooo so very pretty! I do love lavender ~ lilac! Your info was very interesting! Like I've said before, you are a VERY TALENTED WRITER & BLOGGER! I love looking/reading your work. Thank You for including my Amethyst Gemstone Necklace. Will share! ~Eve

  17. I have been falling in love with lavender this spring. There is a gentleness about it and a hint of something more... Of course, the spring flowers are making this statement and it is so very sweet! Thank you for the great lavender finds in this blog. I enjoyed resting my eyes on all of them! -Jo

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  21. Lavendar is one of my favorites! All pinned and there are truly treasures in this offering this week for Mother's day!