Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Charmed, I am Sure

It all started when I saw Linda’s (jnldesigns) beautiful pink charm bracelet. It is so feminine and delicate; especially all the filigree work.


I had just finished my own charm bracelet using up some of my stashed lampwork beads and some antique copper chain.

Being in a charming mood, I decided to create a charm bracelet collection for this week’s collection contest on Artfire LInk. I collected the bracelets from the Checked In Today! guild members for this collection.

Since I have been pondering a subject title for my monthly JCUIN blog post, I decided on the charm bracelet.

The traditional charm bracelet consists of memories wired to a chain that is worn around the wrist. My charm bracelet was started when I was 9 or 10 and consists of charms that were given to me as momentous events in my life happened. They were also a part of my gifts from family as I was growing up. I have horses, horse shoes, mustard seed, my dad’s baby ring, graduation, sweet 16, state charms from states I visited, hearts and all types of other symbols of growing up.

The history of they charm bracelet may surround the warding off of evil. Amulets and other trinkets were used to protect the wearer. 75,000 years ago African shells were part of the first charm bracelets found. The Germans carved mammoth tusks into decorative charms over 30,000 years ago. Christians wore fish charms to identify themselves to other Christians during the Roman Empire. The Egyptians used them to identify themselves to the gods they worshipped. Around 600 BC, Persian women were wearing charm bracelets.

They became quite the trend once Queen Victoria started wearing them. She made it fashionable for the upper class of England to wear a charm bracelet. It was a symbol of nobility. She gave them as gifts and she popularized the creation of charms to symbolize events in one’s life. When Prince Albert died, she created a mourning charm with a locket of his hair. She also popularized small portrait charms.

Tiffany set the charm bracelet in motion. They hung a simple heart from a chain and called it a charm bracelet. This bracelet is the symbol of Tiffany today, and it was the start of the modern trend.

The Great Depression brought us platinum and diamonds to the charm bracelet. Liz Taylor and Joan Crawford made the charm bracelet very popular in the 50s and 60s.

Once again, we are seeing a resurgence of the traditional charm bracelet made popular by The Pirates of the Caribbean. The Bradford Exchange showcased a charm bracelet with the Black Pearl along with photos of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. Good enough for me!

We also have the Pandora bracelet and Italian charms.

The charm of these bracelets is not lost on the designers of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers (JCUIN) guild members as they use the charm as the main interest point of these creations.


Flip Flop Pearl Bracelet


Red Hot Golden Charm Bracelet - N054


Green Leaf and Gold Chain Charm Bracelet with Toggle Clasp


Rose Pink Crystal Rose Quartz Charm Dangle Cha Cha Bracelet Handmade


Gold Silver Heart Charms Swarovski Crystal Silver Chain Bracelet


Vintage Typewriter Key Charm Bracelet Brass Brown


Bracelet, charm, goldtone links,purple beads,look of glass,



Butterfly Carved Bone Bracelet, Green Crystals, Amethyst, Flower Charm


While not considered a charm bracelet, this latest trend shows another use for charms.


Enameled Embossed Brass and Shell "Winos" Wine Glass Charms


I trust these bracelets will all charm you with their whimsical and creative energy.

Enjoy the history of the charm bracelet and stop by any one of these studios and enjoy the rest of their creativity.

Julie and Blu



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  2. I've heard of Prince Albert in a can, who knew there was Prince Albert in a charm! Interesting article. Thanks for including my flip flop pearl bracelet. Will share.

  3. Charm bracelets have quite a history. Love your selection. Thank you for including one of my bracelets. Off to share.

  4. Fascinating history, as always, Julie! Great selections!

  5. Charming! What a wide variety of charm bracelets. I enjoyed reading a bit about the historical trends of pasts eras. Many charm bracelets can be personalized with charms that have special meaning. That may be one reason they have been so popular over the years.

  6. Great post Julie & Blu :) I remember my grandmother's charm bracelet, it was chocker block full of charms. I think my mother has it now. One of my favorite charms of hers was a top hat which opened and had a little bunny rabbit on this inside!
    Beautiful collection of artisans' work here too.
    Lisa :)

  7. Julie, What a wonderful post about the charm bracelet. I have learned something new today. Thank you for sharing such wonderful items and rich history with us.

  8. Great post about charm bracelets. I still have mine! If I'm not mistaken most of the charms were by Wells. I love the collection that you've put together. Heading off now to individual shops to have a closer look!

  9. You always come up with so many historic facts behind so much of modern jewelry making, Julie. This is another in your series of very informative blogs. And the blog is always beautifully illustrated. Thank you!

  10. Very interesting information on charm bracelets. Thank you for sharing. I love your collection of charm bracelets.

  11. Thank you for the history of the charm bracelet. My daughter gave me one for Christmas the first year she was married. She put charms on for her and her hubby and their wedding date. Now she puts one for each of her babies. It's a lovely sentiment.

  12. Thank you for sharing the history of charm bracelets. They are wonderful keepsakes and them being handmade are even priceless.