Friday, May 3, 2013

Mother's Day Countdown Week 12

Sadly, we have come to the end of our little adventure. I will miss it and all these wonderful goodies to share. I will see all of YOU on the forums :)
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  1. Thank you, Julie for these 12 wonderful weeks filled with great gift ideas for Mom!

    My Pinterest:

    My Wanelo:

    My Blog:

  2. Thank you for hosting these 12 countdowns for mother's day gift ideas.

    Added to pinterest:


    Will do Artfire collections on Monday.

  3. Up to #14

  4. OHHHH...I am so sad too Julie. I will miss all the fun of promoting everyone. Hope there is another event soon where I can see everyone's lovely items.

  5. I saved the best for last! Shared! Will check back and share again!
    EvezBeadz ~ Eve :D

  6. Thank you so much for this... It is so wonderful of you! I have linky-d on my blog here and will be back to pin later this weekend.

  7. Up to #48

    This has been fun. I'm hoping to get at least one sale!!

  8. All caught up to #62
    Pinterest Board:


  9. Thank you Julie for hosting another wonderfully successful Countdown! I featured one item from each shop in the following:

    I tweeted them at

    posted it on my FB

    Pinned it to

    and Google+ at

    I hope you have a chance to check these out and enjoy. Thank you and have a beautiful day

  10. Yay! The internet is finally back up . . . at least for now, and I was able to list my third item (: LOTS and LOTS of pretties. Will start pinning and saving soon if the internet is still on after dinner. Here's hoping!

  11. Thank you so much for doing this for us. I posted the link up on my blog here: I will come back later to pin everyone :)

  12. Finally got to #80 (: After another tech came out to work on the cable, things seem to be good, so far. My links:



    Thanks again, Julie and Blu! Seamus says he wishes Blu could go on a walk with him - we're about to go out (:

  13. Thru 35... be back later!

  14. Thank you, Julie, for hosting this wonderful 12 week extravaganza! Can't wait for the next holiday! Will try to get all of the posting and sharing done tonight!

  15. Yay - just made it in time this week to list. Will be missing this great promotion, Julie and beautiful Blu. Thanks so much! Gonzo wishes he could join Seamus and Blu for a walk ... and some treats. :)

    My links:

    My Pinterest board:

    My Wanelo collection:

    Take best of care! And Happy Mother's Day!

  16. all done!
    Here are my boards

    @saracom #bmecountdown

    I had to modify the collection a bit and remove some duplicates, so numbers may not add up this morning.


    Happy sales to all and see you on the next countdown! :)

    Julie and Blu

  17. Saved, Tweeted and Pinned right up to #92!!! Julie thank you so very much for hosting this extravaganza of absolutely beautiful creations, it's been such a joy every week to see what everyone was sharing!!!

    Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mothers.

    Kathy :)

  18. All caught up!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  19. Here is my blog post for the last (sigh!) Countdown: