Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Give Me All Your Chocolate and No One Will Get Hurt

Natural and neutral.

Stability and supportive.

Humility and the accumulation of wealth.


The use of brown in a design signifies that it is the best of all things. It is wealth and prosperity. It is comfortable and safe. It is loyalty and companionship.

The ancient artists from time gone by have used brown since the first stick figure in a cave. Since the browns they used were derived from umber, which is a clay, the use of brown was a natural choice. Not to mention, most wild ancient animals wore a lot of brown fur. Egyptian tomb women were painted with brown skin. This brown or umber are the oldest colors known to have been used in art.

Those crazy Greeks and Romans had to change it up a bit and add a little cuttlefish ink to the mix and come up with the red-brown we call sepia. da Vinci drew and designed with this sepia color, and it is still used today by artists. It is a very popular photography trick to make new look old.

The use of walnuts to make a brown pigment dates back to the Romans. It was used to dye cloth.

The Ancient Romans thought that the peasants should wear brown. Remember, they were the purple room guys.

The monks took on brown as a sign of humility and much like the peasants, poverty.

Urban culture dictates that brown signifies natural and inexpensive, as well as healthy.

Brown hair is second only to black as the most natural hair color.

Brown belongs to all three primary colors, and it can be changed by a lesser mixing of one of the colors or the other. That means that the color brown will work with any color combination. It is the primary color of our world, next to green.

Brown is the least liked color by choice. Tell that to the UPS drivers and the Cleveland Browns. UPS took their color from Pullman Brown, which was the color of the rail cars that were actually quite luxurious inside.

Brown provides a suppression of emotion, which makes it a safe color to have around. It allows a calming sense to overtake anyone in stress. It provides reassurance and structure to a situation.

The color brown is a friendly color that can be approached easily. It signifies honesty and sincerity, as well as hard work and genuine.

It is warm and practical, and it is filled with common sense. It is sophisticated and elegant. Mmmm, chocolate is brown.

These designers know that brown brings everything together in design. It creates a humble and yet, luxurious piece of art.


Ladies' Tie-Dye Camisole and Shorts (M)


The Cocoa Delight Boucle Wrap


Handmade Brown Picture Jasper Teardrop Necklace and Matching Earrings


Satin ribbon ruffle beaded bracelet


Chocolately Brown Glass Charm Handmade Lampwork Slider Bracelet Bead


Ocean and African Jasper 18 inch Necklace with Turtle Jasper Pendant


Chocolate Brown and Salmon Pink Stacked Cube Earrings, Fused Glass


Wild Horse Stallions Bone Jasper Gemstone Necklace


Handmade Crochet Brown Teddy Bear Toy 16 inch Made to Order


Earth Tone (Gold, Copper, Ecru and Pearl) Switchplate Covers


Set of three strand sunflower marbel bracelet and earring set


Women's Full Sweetheart Apron-Brown Paisley multi color


Carved Bone Flower Earrings with Mookaite Jasper, Rustic, Gold Toned


Chocolate Vanilla Handmade Artisan Soap checkerboard squares


Unique Vintage Triangle Geometric Shaped Faux Wood Resin Brooch - Triangular - Geometrical

Antique Brown and Tan Flowers, Lovely Pendant Necklace



Embroidered sweatshirt jacket; ladies-brown.


Cha Cha Bracelet Blue Turquoise Teal Caramel Brown Bead Polymer Clay


Riverstone with Gold and Black Memory Wire bangle bracelet


Pecan Pie Scented Square Candle Light BrownTan Color Handmade


Farm Animal Photography Brown Cow at Barn Door Blank Note Card - How Now



Skeleton Handmade Day of the Dead Necklace Turquoise Carnelian OOAK


No metal clasp necklace wood bead leather cord tie on adjustable


Turquoise and Brown Wood Beaded Earrings


Jungle Fever Interchangable Watch Band


Agatized Fossil Coral and Smokey Jasper 21 Necklace


Antique Jade Amulet pre Revolution China Dragon Fortune Bead Necklace


Radium Glass Bronze Dangling Earrings with Reptile Textures


Purse size index card Snake skin binder Daily personal planner 188


Hand Knit Chocolate Brown Country Hearts Washcloth or Dishcloth


Copper Wire Wrapped Faceted Pendant Peach Brown Gold Glass Translucent


As the UPS slogan says, what can brown do for you today?

Give mom a gift that says she is honored and cherished. She will love any of these brown delights, but if you want to see more from these very talented artists, then visit their studios through the Mother’s Day Countdown post to see all the other great gift ideas that they have.

Chocolate anyone?

Julie and Blu


Again, please take a moment to share this ezine now that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I know some of these items showcased are sold, and a couple of shops have closed. None the less, please share.


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