Wednesday, March 22, 2017

She Was Born in February

Second Place
She may be second, but that doesn’t make her second best by any means. In fact, she is charming and makes a wonderful first impression. The month of February is the shortest on the Julian and Gregorian calendar, and it is home to the strange phenomenon of Leap Year when it has 29 days instead of the normal 28 days. We use February to catchup with the seasonal year. February is derived from the Latin term that means purification. While some flowers are blooming in the north, it is the middle of summer in other parts of the world.

The Signs: Aquarius and Pisces: The waterbearer and the twin fish.

feb-pic7-150x150The Flower: It is the lovely Iris that graces the table of the child of February. It goes with the traditional color of purple being associated with those born under the second month. The Iris expresses peace of mind, friendship, faith, hope and wisdom. Not content to only have one flower, the Pisces wants two flowers, so you will find the violet is also part of the second month child. Both of these wonderful spring flowers are filled with the exciting color purple.

The Personality: She is one of the most original people who have graced the earth. She is in great company with inventors and eccentric folks. She is curious and adores science since it stimulates her mind. She loves to research, and she is drawn to psychology. She loves the challenges of televisions and can rule the Internet with her curious spirit. This makes her able to earn a comfortable living. Intuitive and filled with common sense, she has a powerful will. She is independent. She is beautiful. She is an intellectual. She can be eccentric to a fault. She is clever. She is quiet and shy. She is honest and loyal. She loves friends, but has trouble making them. She can be too sensitive.

The Color: Why, it is purple, of course.

amethyst-large_infoThe Stone: The stunning amethyst is the birth stone of the February baby. It brings stability and peace to the quirky February child. It is also a symbol of power and courage. As we know that purple is a regal color, we know that amethysts dazzle with purples and lavenders. These powerful colors only enhance the beautiful February darling. The amethyst is said to be so powerful that it can aid in the healing of withdrawal symptoms of those suffering from addiction. It is no wonder it is referred to as the sobriety stone. "The February born shall find Sincerity and peace of mind, Freedom from passion and from care, If they, the amethyst will wear."

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