Wednesday, March 15, 2017

She Was Born in January

Always First

Janus is the god of the doorway, and there is nothing closer to a doorway into a new year than the month of January. Both hot and cold depending upon where in the world you are, January is a month of extremes. January rings in the new year, and it is the Thank You month. In some cultures, it is still the Christmas season.

The Personality:

She comes first on the calendar and brings the year in with a steadfast personality. She is symmetrical and neat. She is so wise. She is also ambitious with a loyal nature. Very sensitive, but hardworking and steady. She is family focused and loves her children. She can be very reserved and are naturally soft and gentle unless provoked. She is very healthy, but gets cold easily.
She is romantic, but has difficulty sharing it and may become jealous because she is too quiet.
She makes a magnificent designer, inventor, financial guru or musician. She loves to learn, and she loves to teach. Because she is  focused and critical of errors, she is a wonderful mathematician and is usually successful in careers that include finance. Oh, and she makes a wonderful aviator.
She can be wildly witty.
The January girl is pink, pink, pink.

The Signs:

Capricorn and Aquarius: The earthy goat and the waterbearer.

The Stone:

January babies are born under the beautiful garnet sky. The garnet is steadfast and true under duress.
The garnet is available in all the colors of the rainbow, although, a blue garnet is very rare. The garnet is a crystal formation that has been used throughout history as both a gemstone and an abrasive.
Some also recognize the emerald and the rose quartz as birth stones for the January child.

The Flower:

The versatile carnation is found in almost all standard floral bouquets, and it is a staple of most weddings, but it really belongs clip_image003to the women of January. A pretty Dianthus in pink is also that flower for those January babies.

The Chinese bestow the babes of January with Prunus Mume; a plum.

The Japanese declare the Camellia to be the best flower for the January child.

The Color:

Cottage pink is for those babies who lead the way into the year.

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