Thursday, March 30, 2017

Turkeys and Christmas Angels

Volume 14 Issue 4, April 2017

What's New in April?

I finally moved the bird bath from a remote corner of the yard to the front yard by the bird feeder. I was rewarded immediately with a blue jay that wanted to take a bath in it. I would say that the move was a successful attempt to give the birds something extra besides cracked corn and sunflower seeds.

However, the squirrels are using it for their own private pool party, and one of them used it as a launching pad to the squirrel-baffle-protected flat feeder. A move of a couple feet fixed that craziness! It’s a lot of work trying to keep up with the birds and their clever squirrel friends!

This week, it’s been woodpecker mating season with a flock them buzzing the yard, trees and feeder. Then a wild turkey walked through the front yard on her way to wherever turkeys go, and a ibis made the top of my Norfolk pine its perch in an attempt to showcase itself as a stand-in for a Christmas angel. Other than that, it’s been a quiet week!

April brings more than spring showers; it is bringing some more beads, finished pieces and a huge craft supply clearing event. I have to get rid of my books, findings and a huge stash of polymer clay!


Hot Rod Mugs: I added a couple dozen new hot rod mugs to the website and matched them in my saracom Etsy shop. It’s not too soon to start shopping for Father’s Day! These pieces will migrate to my main site at some point.

Mother’s Day: As many of you know, Blu and I host a countdown to Christmas and Mother’s Day every year. Well, it’s time. The Mother’s Day 2017 Countdown is underway and filled with our artist friends and their beautiful creations. Just look to the left menu for the links.

Print Pieces: My Just Beachy line has released and is all on Zazzle. I have some individual pieces on my website, but the entire line is on Zazzle.

You will find all of my beads, canes and finished jewelry on my website.

Until next month,

Julie & Blu

Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Hotrod magnets: I am finishing up the hotrod magnets, and I have a couple dozen done, but not featured in the shop.

Pillows: I have a huge file of pillows to finish, and many of them are going to be included in other sets of housewares like the Just Beachy line.

Print Pieces: I am working on canvases and posters. I have been working on putting together the Scenes from a Car Show series into print.

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