Wednesday, April 12, 2017

She Was Born in May


Fertile Minds

Named for the goddess Maia, the month of May is a month of fertility and new birth. Unlike April, which bursts forth, May comes wandering in with gentleness and kindness. May is the month of maturity when things come to pass. May is loaded with holidays, both traditional and new ones that give almost every day on the calendar special significance. Between festivals, feasts, gatherings and celebrations, May is well into spring in the north and pushing autumn in the south. It is the between state of birth and death.

The Personality:

She is anything but weak. She is strong-willed and a bit stubborn. She digs in and stays true to her course. She is motivated beyond most and knows how to achieve her goals. She is extremely mentally agile. She is beautiful and surrounds herself with beautiful things and people. She is attractive to all, and she loves all the attention. She is determined. She is filled with imagination, spirit, creativity and loves the arts and literature. She is very intuitive.

She has the need to travel. She is an explorer and adventurer. She saves all her money, and she is really good in a debate. She is an excellent politician, writer, painter, artist, designer, teacher and banker. Her systematic way of doing things makes her great in any job that requires details.

The sign:

Taurus and Gemini: The bull and the twins.

may-emeraldThe Stone:

The May child is given the emerald as her stone. It represents loyalty, memory and faith. The emerald is said to enhance memory. As things are changing, growing and the grass is beginning to green up, it is only natural that the stone of the May babe would also represent those new beginnings.


may-lilyThe Flower:

The Lily of the Valley is the flower that the May child clutches in her fists. It is pure, majestic and represents humility, beauty and sweetness. The scent of the Lily of the Valley is distinct and a favored perfume.

In addition to the Lily of the Valley, the May child claims all the lilies as hers. They are representative of the new earth, and they return every year. These large and showy flowers come in an array of brilliant colors like the May babe.

The Color:

The color green is associated with the May girl, but her personality can call for other earth tones to be her favorite.

The Gifts:


Protective Laptop Sleeve in Earthy Colors

RSS Designs in Fiber 

Closeup Joshua Tree Branches & Leaves Desert Natural Photograph Macrophotography

Butterfly in the Attic 


Earth Bracelet Green Gemstone Bracelet

Treasures of Jewels 

Hand Knit Green Four Leaf Clover Dish Cloth

Holly Knitter Creation

Green Brown Gemstone Earrings

Pretty Gonzo 

Red Creek Jasper Antiqued Copper Women's Earrings

Lady Green Eyes Jewelry 

Green Turquoise Owl Earrings

SolanaKai Designs 

Child's Full Embroidered Gardening Denim Apron

Simple Embroidery Sew 

Green Earrings - Tree of Life



Green Elephant Favor Tags – Thanks for Showering Our Little Peanut

Adore by Nat 

Wire Wrapped Green Quartz Pendant

Crafting Memories 1


Etched Transparent Sage Green Lampwork Glass Beads Silver

Covergirl Beads 

Polymer Clay Earrings

Blue Morning Expressions 

Magnolia Gold, 11 x 15 Original watercolor painting Southern Flower wall art


Green Bracelet for Women

Blonde Peach Jewelry 

Green Serpentine Handmade Chunky Necklace, Copper Gemstone Beaded Jewelry

Shadow Dog Designs 

Chunky Necklace Olive Green Unakite Red Jasper Gemstone Long Length

The Singing Beader 

Lime Green Czech Picasso Crystal Copper Niobium Dangle BOHO Earrings

Kats All That 

Natural Serpentine Gemstone Round Sterling Pendant Green Pink

Dianes Dangles 

Green Mugs and Pints Lucky St Patricks Day Dog Scrunchie Neck Ruffle


Don’t see what you want here, then ask someone to make something just for your mom.

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