Wednesday, November 7, 2018

It Might Only be a Dream

Penned by Kim Gannon and Walter Kent, this 1943 song was originally written to honor the soldiers overseas who would much rather be home for the holidays rather than fighting WWII. It hit the charts in the top ten and has become part of our traditional Christmas song lineup.

While the soldier writing the note home to his family realizes that he may only be home in his dreams, this song was written as a way to make families and soldiers feel closer to the each other during the holidays. The U.K. did not see it that way and banned the song from broadcast citing that lyrics will lower the British troops’ morale.

Bing Crosby received a gold record for his performance of this song and it became one the most requested songs during his U.S. O. shows. Yank, a GI magazine, said that Crosby accomplished more for the military morale than anyone else of that era. Too bad that the U.K. didn’t see it that way.

Here is Bing’s beloved I’ll be Home for Christmas (if only in my Dreams).

Danny Boy was the flip side; talk about a tear jerk record!

Speaking of dreaming, here are some  holiday gift ideas that someone on your gift list is dreaming about.

Long Winter Crochet Scarf

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Kats All That 

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  1. Thank you, Julie. Beautiful purple creations. Thank you for including my bracelet and earrings. Shared.

  2. As always, a great read and interesting history. Not my favorite song, since it is so sad, but Bing Crosby sure knows how to sing it. Love all the purple creations you are featuring. Many thanks for including my dragonfly necklace. Will share the post everywhere I can and tweet and pin each individual item. Treats to sweet Harry Pup from Goofus Moose. Thanks, again.

  3. Thanks a lot Julie! Really appreciate your efforts. Promoting.

  4. Very interesting information about "I'll Be Home for Christmas"! And a lovely collection of handmade gift ideas in purple. I'll be sharing the post to Pinterest, G+, and Twitter! Happy sales!

  5. Very interest blog and very beautiful son as sung by Bing! Thanks for including my lampwork beads.

  6. Now I want to see White Christmas again. Passionate purples are terrific. Pinned them all. G+ the post. Thanks for including my amethyst bracelet.

  7. Such a great Christmas song! Never get tired of this one. Thank you Julie and I will be promoting all!!

  8. I have always loved the sentiment in this song! Sing on Bing! Thanks for the eye candy on this post! All shared.