Friday, March 1, 2019

Cedar Waxwings and Spring Promotions

Volume 16 Issue 3, March 2019

What's New in March?
As is our tradition here at Blue Morning Expressions, we are once again hosting our annual Mother’s Day Countdown featuring our friends who create some fantastic handmade gifts. From jewelry to stained glass to handknits to gifts for mom’s dogs, we have it all. Bookmark our blog and come back and see each week’s gift ideas. We run this for 9 weeks with a midweek post. This year, we are featuring the Mother’s Day traditions around the world. March 9, 2019 is Week 1.

In addition to the upcoming handmade extravaganza, we will be finishing up our posters and other print items. As the weather starts to warm up and stay sunny, it makes for a great incentive to start making more beads and other colorful goodies.

Harry has completed his kindergarten classes (as many as I am going to take anyway), and we will be starting the beginner agility course on the 1st of March. It should run us both ragged and tired, but hopefully, successful.
Until then, here are some robins and cedar waxwings enjoying berries in our backyard.

What’s New

Key rings: I am taking the key rings one step further and creating purse charms and rings. With lots of beads and things. Have them started, but nothing to show yet. Soon ...

Earrings: I have been busy creating a lot of simple earrings that have some sparkle and make statements. Primarily, I have been focused on charms and crystals for the moment.
Thimbles: 2019 Mother’s Day and a number of puppy and cat thimbles are now up for sale.

You will find all of my beads, canes and finished jewelry on my website.

Until next month,

Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Leggings: My supplier has added a great legging line, so I have been experimenting with design and element placement. I have several in my store now and am working on peacock leggings designs.
Posters: Many of my bible verse posters are now available online, but I am still writing up the descriptions, so they may be hard to find. I also had time to add a dozen or so hot rod posters.
Bookmarks: I decided that some of my beads and images would translate nicely to bookmarks. Those are on the bench.