Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mother's Day Around the World - Ethiopia

Once the fall rainy season is over, Ethiopians begin their Antrosht festival honoring the mothers in their communities. The festival lasts for three days and everyone comes home to celebrate  their moms with large feasts.

They do not come empty-handed, either. Daughters are responsible for bringing the butter, vegetables, spices and cheese, and the sons bring home the meats that include lamb or bull.

Everything gets mixed together into a traditional hash. They still make mom cook the hash, though.

Then the entire family spends the rest of their time singing and dancing with mothers and daughters spreading butter on their faces and chests as part of the ceremonial dances, and the men sing of heroes and how they honor their families.

Mother’s Day in Ethiopia is traditionally celebrated in the fall. Even though some areas they celebrate on the second Sunday in May, the fall, when the rains stop, is the true Mother’s Day celebration for Ethiopia.

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