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Mother’s Day Around the World–Mexico

Mother's Day In Mexico

Unlike the United States and other countries, Mexico has a fixed date for Mother’s Day: May, 10.

It is a day for them to rejoice in the aspects of motherhood like the pain of childbirth, the troubles of raising children and the sacrifice that moms make for their families. All of her needs and desires are set aside as she works to make life easy for her child. This is the day that her children honor her for her sacrifices.

While the concept of a mother’s day was brought to Mexico from the United States in 1922, the conservative government of Mexico nixed the idea because they held women in contempt and only as a source of children.

It took work from the Catholic Church, media and a socialist government to help change the thinking around the honoring of mothers. Soledad Orozco Garcia, wife of the president at the time, made the holiday officially May, 10. It is now regarded as a significant Mexican holiday and is state-sponsored.

As part of the celebration, the members of the party of the Mexican Revolution invited poor women in the country to come and pick a free gift from their shops. In 1942, the government gave women back their sewing machines if they had pawned them and were unable to pay the pawn broker. It cost the pawn brokers roughly $160,000.

The official Mexican flower is the beautiful Dahlia.

Today, children sing their mothers songs and celebrate mass at the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe as an orchestra plays. The Virgin is symbolic of motherhood in Mexico. After mass, the feast begins. It is filled with lots of tamales.

If Mother’s Day falls on a school  day, the mothers all go to school where all of the children sing, dance and do stand up routines. Lunch is then served at a restaurant.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day Around the World

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