Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Who Doesn't Love Baby Goats?

When you need something that will bring you great joy, there is nothing funnier than baby goats.

Whether they are hopping, jumping, frolicking or running over each other, it is hard to imagine anything cuter. I think I need to get Harry a few of these.

I am sure that the amusement factor would far outweigh the trouble of picking up the poop pellets!

We’re talking about baby goats for a reason.

You may not know this about Linda of Victorian Style Treasures, but she is a foodie at a grocery store in Utah. She has free rein to “experiment” on their customers by getting them to try new recipes. She seems to draw great pleasure in her experiments.

While this recipe is not one of her own, and she does not serve it at the holidays (exactly), it did become a favorite with her victims, I mean, customers.

She says she is NOT a fan of goat cheese, but that day, she and her customers all found goat cheese to be quite tasty. So much so, that they sold out of goat cheese.

Sweet-'n'-Salty Honey Cheese Spread

Serves 10 · Transform a simple log of goat cheese into an impressive party appetizer by rolling the log of cheese in sunflower seeds and drizzling with honey. Serve with fresh berries and crackers.

5 ingredients


1 Pt. fresh raspberries


1/3 cup Honey

Nuts & Seeds

1/2 cup Sunflower seeds, roasted salted


1 Crackers, Assorted


1 (10.5-oz.) goat cheese log....   Please note: use plain goat cheese

Linda rolled her goat cheese in the sunflower seeds on a piece of parchment paper. She then put the log on the platter and drizzled the honey over the top and sided. She adorned it with fresh raspberries along the platter and a fresh mint sprig for decoration. She drizzled the raspberries in honey.

Goats or no, this sounds really tasty.

Here is her photo of the cheese log:

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  1. I love goat cheese - this recipe looks so very tasty. Will have to try it (if I can find a small log for just Stan and me). Thanks for sharing, Linda. And THANKS, Julie and Harry for sharing such a fun collection of wonderful gifts for Christmas and for adding Frida into the mix. Will share the blog all around and pin all items today and schedule tweets for the beauties tomorrow morning. Treats to the Florida Pup from the Desert Dog!

  2. Thank you for the midweek post, Julie, and including my pendant necklace. The baby goat video is so darn cute! I swear they eat jumping beans! lol The Sweet-'n'-Salty Honey Cheese Spread recipe sounds very good. I have shared the beautiful selection of gift items on Pinterest and shared the blog on Facebook.

  3. Thank you Julie for all the time you put in promoting all of us in your Blogs!
    Love the Baby Goat - now I want one, don’t know if my kitty cats would love him!

  4. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for including my Metal butterfly Kumihimo beaded bracelet on your collection. I love the baby goats, I saw them for the first time in my live a couple of years ago in a fair here in Indiana, I fall in love with them, they were so cute.
    I shared all the items on Twitter, some using PromotePictures to tweet them, and Pinterest board 2020-Countdown to Christmas.

  5. Thank you Julie and Harry. Shared all.
    Treats to Harry from the gang.

  6. Oh my goodness Julie. What a wonderful blog. I had a goat when I lived in Georgia. She was spoiled rotten and such a baby.

    Thank you for sharing goat cheese spread. Most of all thank you for the midweek promotion and sharing my earrings.

    I have shared on Pinterest:

  7. Such a cute video of baby goats. They are so fun to watch. Linda's goat cheese recipe looks delicious! Thanks for including my lampwork beads in your mid-week post. Tweeting and pinning them all and your blog.

  8. Thanks for including me in this beautiful collection

  9. Baby goats are the cutest thing ever!! Thank you Julie for another intriguing post and promotion. All will be tweeted and pinned.