Friday, November 6, 2020

Countdown to Christmas 2020 Week 8



Come one, Come All!
Let's stuff some stockings in 2020

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  1. The weeks are just flying by! Thank you Julie for Week 8. All will be pinned, tweeted and hash-tagged!!!

  2. Hard to believe week 8 is already here and that we're into the month of November! Thanks for hosting Julie. treats to Harry Pup from a Tired Moose.

    Pinning here:

    Tweeting here: @ShadowDogDesign

  3. Shared the Countdown on my blog for extra promo for all. Comments welcome:


  4. Thank you, Julie! Will be pinning to Pinterest for now, and sharing on Facebook later.

  5. Hope you don't mind but I deleted the Skating Reindeer earrings. They just got put on hold for a repeat customer. I added the the Santa earrings in their place. This Countdown hasn't been up too long, so hope that's OK.

  6. Thank you, Julie and Harry.
    I will be pinning here:
    and tweeting here: @dusamae

  7. Thank you, Julie for hosting the Countdown to Christmas 2020, week 8.

    I am sharing the post on my blog for extra Promotion for all.

    Here is the link:

    I will love to hear from you, your comments and see your likes, they are always welcome and very appreciated.

    Thank you!

  8. Wow week 8, I can't believe how fast it is going (Getting closer to Christmas).

    I will be pinning:

  9. I sold the banjo necklace, but I'll have another made by Monday.

  10. I shared the 31 items on Twitter using hashtag #bmecountdown, and Pinterest board Handmade Stocking Stuffers.

  11. Re-pinned all through #31

    Board :