Friday, April 11, 2014

Countdown to Mother's Day Week 7

mothers day  
It is that time of the year again! These wonderful gifts are not just for Mother's Day, but they are perfect for any woman in your life, be it friend, sister, auntie, grandmother or your mother-in-law. Enjoy these handmade and vintage gift ideas that tell her that she is special to you. For this countdown, we are only doing one shop or studio. Thank you :) 

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Here are our links - please follow the boards and be sure and add yours to the comment section, so everyone gets a follow. Now, you don't have to keep adding your links every week. I will just update this if you use a different link or did not add one this week.

I am certain that I missed someone, so just post them if I did. I will catch up.

Diane's Dangles:

Crafting Memories: 

Kathi Sewnsew 


Shadow Dog Designs 


Blue Morning Expressions

Adore by Nat 


Butterfly in the Attic!/groups/PacificPostcardsTeam/ 



The Singing Beader



Jazz it up with Designs by Nancy

The Twisted Redhead

Wyvern Designs


JRP Designs

Pretty Gonzo

Solana Kai Designs

Maggie Mays    


  1. Thank you, Julie and Blu, for week 6 of the Countdown. Hope you saw many wondrous tulips on your ramble (: And I'm sure Blu is glad your back.

  2. Thanks Julie for the new week....caught up to #15. Everyone posting will be Saved, Tweeted, Pinned and hash-tagged.

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  4. Ahem . . . "you're" back instead of "your". Caught up to #18 (:

  5. I won't be in it this week as I will be off doing other personal things, but I have done the blog hop on my blog! -- Have a great week everybody!!

  6. week 7 items added. I missed week 6 pc been on the fritz

  7. Beautiful inspring Mother's Day Gifts. Thanks for week number 6. Sharing.

  8. Through #45. As always, thank you thank you, Julie and Blu (welcome back!), and're too funny with your 'Ahem!' ;)

  9. Thanks once again for all the promotion as well as the opportunity to see and help promote all this beautiful work!

  10. Caught up to #48. Thanks so much, Julie and Blu!

  11. Caught up to #54. Want to see more (:

  12. I had to miss last week, but am glad to be back for week 7! I'll go back and pin/share week 6 after I get caught up with this week's listings. :-)

  13. Yay - more! Just pinned and wanelo-ed #62.

  14. I'm very late to this party and very new to jewelry bloggin so I really didn't link this up right at my blog...but here is the link anyway..
    Also Tweeted and will figure it all out by next time to get onto FB and Pinterest too. Let me know how to do that and I will be very grateful. xx

  15. Tweeted, Posted to G+, Pinned, Hot listed and added to Polyvore
    Everyone up to #66
    I will check back for anyone I missed.

  16. Got Mary's three peices - done at #69. Will check back tomorrow morning and see if anyone slipped in at the last minute.

  17. Thanks for another week of the Countdown, Julie and beautiful Blu! Hope you enjoyed the tulip viewing! :) Almost missed the Countdown this week because so busy - just got in under the gun! Will be saving everything to my Wanelo collection (link is listed), and then will pin to my Countdown pinboard at:

    Hope there are lots of happy sales this week for everyone! Happy Easter!

  18. Yet another collection that is just amazing. Have pinned all to my Pinterest account ... Here is the link

  19. Finally got caught up! Beautiful selections all.