Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finding Center and Spring Flowers

Volume 11 Issue 5, May 2014

What's New in May?


No flowers yet, but the nurseries are stocking up with big baskets of hanging

flowers that beckon to be planted and hung on the porch. Until the last of

May, those flowers may not survive outside, so no matter how much I want

to buy some purple petunias, I am going to have to settle for my polymer

ones. Rest assured, new flowers will be blooming everywhere.


I did a product review for a magazine, so I got to play with some new tools.

The result was a couple new pendants with the promise of more to come!

They are not strung yet, but here is a sneak preview.


This little pendant will be strung on a cord filled with dyed agates, crackle beads, black Druk beads and more Czech beads in light blue and dark blue. It was time for a lot of color in my studio because all we’ve had is grey skies!


I also crated another one that has a matching cuff bracelet, and I am

creating a matching set of earrings of petals and leaves.


www.x-stitch-patterns.com has been completely overhauled and updated.

I have completed the transfer of the patterns to the new format, and in the

process, I got very much into stitching again. There are a lot of new patterns

that are on the site. I plugged my tablet in and bought a new laptop, so I

will be concentrating on doing a lot of designing in the upcoming months.


Spring is here, sort of, and we’re really ready for the warmer weather, and

all the little ducks!

Cellphone Charms: I am really enjoying getting some of my little charms out

and adding them to pretty much everything! This month is was slices of pizza

and a set of lips.


Bookmarks: Since I am always reading, I started creating bookmarks

for those of us who are bookworms.


Everything is in my Artfire studio, my Etsy shop and my




Until next month,

Julie & Blu



Things to Look Forward To:


New Products:


Watches: I will be doing more watches this month.


Counted Cross Stitch Patterns: The site has been overhauled and there

are now new patterns coming soon. 


Necklaces: I have a lot of new necklaces in the works that are simple chains.


Pushpins: Many more pushpins coming!



New Counted Cross Stitch Patterns based on photography and art. Thousands more doodles, designs, photos and art to translate to cross stitch!


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