Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby Geese and New Beads

Volume 11 Issue 7, July 2014

What’s New in July?

Evidently, not warm, summer-like weather in Montana! There
was still a few days where we got some snow in June, so who
knows what July will bring. We don’t have but one little group
of baby ducks. There are usually dozens of them by this time,
but there are only three in this one brood. The terrible windy
weather may have had something to do with the lack of little
ones this year. We did see a Canadian goose pair with their
brood come through the pond. They were fun to watch.

DSC_0047 They were a ways away
from the cabin when I took
this photo, and I had to crop
it close to get them in the
photo. They are wobbling
through the grass, so they
were hidden. There were six
of them, although, I don’t
think I ever got more than
three of them in one photo
at once. They were busy
exploring and mom and
dad were good to keep an
eye on them, while letting
them have fun. They were
only here for a day or two,
so I don’t know where they
paddled off.


Necklaces: I have been working on new necklaces that I
have not put into the shop yet. I have several pendants
that I have to finish before I can add them. They are really
cool though!

Earrings: Working on new designs and using some of my
latest flower canes to create new earring beads.
Canes: New flowers are coming up on my workbench now.
I just need to finish it all up and get the photos up.

Soon, they will all be in my Artfire, Etsy and website.
Check my blog for updates.
Julie and Blu

Things to look forward to:
New Products!

Watches: I have a lot of new watch designs that are ready
to be put together. I will have them up this month.

Counted Cross Stitch Patterns: I have a lot of new ideas
that need to be drawn up, and I will be working on them this
month. Right now, I have over 400 patterns in the shop!
Here are some of my patterns.

Photography: I am currently working on putting my photos
and graphics together to create products like wall art and
paper creations.





  1. You have been busy. Me too, just nothing for online


  2. Well done, Julie! That's quite an accomplishment. :)

  3. Always enjoy seeing the geese and the babies. You've been busy and accomplished a lot! Kudos to you!

  4. Wonderful creations Julie love them! Can't wait for our CIJ giveaway!