Monday, June 30, 2014

Ta and Da

By: Julie L. Cleveland

You know that feeling of deep satisfaction when you have completed a task. You remember those days when you didn’t think you were going to get through it, and you scoff at your disbelief.

I host countdowns to holidays twice a year that run for about 12 weeks. When we first start these countdowns, everyone of us is both excited and yet, we let out long sighs knowing that it is 12 weeks. We commit to the project, and we go forward. Amazingly enough, these countdowns seem to fly past us, and the next thing we know, it’s over and Christmas is here, or Mother’s Day is around the corner.

Have you ever noticed how traveling is like that?

When you are on your way, the trip is so long, and it takes forever to get there. Then the time flies by, and the trip home is a blink of an eye. While you are on the trip or when you are participating in a big project, you take the time to enjoy yourself along the way because it will be over sooner than you think.

I made a commitment at the first of June to blog every day for the entire month. I did not do this on a whim. I actually looked at my calendar and decided that I could commit, and I could complete the project. It is very important to me to follow through on commitments. Well, here it is, June 30, 2014, and I blogged every day this entire month. I blogged about a million different things, and I told a lot of travel tales and shared some of my photos. I had a great time showing off my jewelry, and I enjoyed inviting everyone to my front porch to see the pooping baby geese.

While on this trip, I met some really cool people who I would not have met had it not been for the blogathon.

I found some writers whose posts I will continue to read after this is over. I made some new friends, and I learned about things that I would never have read had it not been for the blogathon.

It was a fun trip, and now, like all trips, I am tired, and I think I will sit on the front porch and enjoy a cold, locally microbrewed beer.

Thank you for joining me, and enjoy,

Julie and Blu



  1. projects can be tiring. It was fun to read all the blog posts!

  2. Congratulations, Julie. You are so very disciplined and manage to fulfill all your commitments. You forgot to mention the ezines that you publish -- perhaps more taxing than the Countdowns?

  3. You did it! Good for you! I enjoyed reading most of your posts this month. :)

  4. I am in awe of you, Julie. 30 posts! And, even though I didn't comment on all, I read every word (: Congrats form Seamus and me!