Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Christmas Traditions – The Candles

Like many traditions, it is hard to pin a time and place on the origination, but the tradition of lighting candles at Christmas continues to this day regardless of where and when it started.

Candles have been used in winter solstice celebrations to signify spring, and candles are at the center of Hanukkah, which is known as the Jewish Festival of Light.

Kwanzaa also uses a special holder called a kinara to hold seven candles that are lit to mark the winter festival.

Records from the Middle Ages indicate that a single large candle was used to represent the Star of Bethlehem. Jesus is often called “The Light of the World” by Christians.

A specially marked, traditionally white Advent candle is used to mark the days leading up to Christmas Eve. Generally, this candle is started on December 1st, and every night around dinner time, it is lit and burned until it burns down to the next day marked on the side of the candle. It is often placed inside a wreath or centerpiece on the table.

Candlelight services are held at churches everywhere on Christmas Eve where people gather to hear the story of the birth of Christ and sing carols.

There was a time that candles were used to decorate Christmas trees, but that tradition was abandoned once electric lights were available to light the tree.

Around the world, the Yule candle is used in Ireland, small oil burning clay lamps on flat roofs decorate the homes of Christians in Southern India and Chinese Christians hang paper lanterns on their Christmas trees. St. Lucia’s day celebrations in Sweden are also decorated with candles.

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