Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Christmas Traditions - Christmas Carols

The word carol means dance for joy or sing a song of praise. That is why they were primarily sung on the shortest day of the year, or Winter Solstice, as it is known. Participants danced around stone circles and sang the words of pagan songs. Of course, carols were written and sung during other seasons, but only the Christmas tradition has survived the years.

Once the Christians began incorporating pagan rituals into their celebrations, the songs were changed to reflect songs that Christians felt comfortable singing. This change spurred many a church leader to become singer/songwriters of some of the carols we still sing to this day.

The first carol was sung in 129 titled Angel’s Hymn after a Roman Bishop determined that it should be sung at a Christmas service in Rome. As more and more carols were penned, the church noticed that the people were not having that much fun singing these new songs. Mainly because they were written in Latin and by the Middle Ages, people had had enough of the church.

Once St. Francis of Assisi came along and started his Nativity Plays in 1223, people took notice because his plays consisted of songs that people could sing. The canticles told the story of the play and were in the language of the listener.
As the carols began to spread across Europe, people began to incorporate them into their own festivities.

The very first more modern carol was written in 1410 and told the story of Mary and Jesus meeting people of Bethlehem.

Many of the carols during this time period were based on folk lore and very little was based on the true Christmas story. This made them more of an entertainment that could be sung at home rather than something that would be sung in church. As people traveled, the songs traveled with them.

Once the Puritans were in power in the 1600s, there was no more celebration of any kind. No Christmas celebration and no darn singing in any sort. This just made people hide at home and sing in secret.

The Victorian Era put the carols back into Christmas and people began caroling from home to home. The caroling tradition has grown from there, which sparked new carols and more people singing about the season.

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