Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Christmas Traditions – The Pickle

This is one of those odd traditions that no one seems to know why it is even a “thing”.

Once upon a time (as all good stories start) in the 1880s, Woolworths imported glass Christmas ornaments from Germany. Many of these ornaments were in the shape of a variety of fruits and vegetables, including the pickle. This was supposedly because (and again, as all good stories go) the Germans hung the pickle on the tree last, and the first imp in the morning to find the pickle got an extra present.

Funny thing is, not a single German had ever heard of such a silly story.

This has not stopped a single person who believes in Christmas pickles to stop putting them on the tree and following the not-real tradition of giving extra gifts to the first child to find it in the morning.

Since I am telling tall tales, here is another one or two.

A prisoner of war during the Civil War who had been born in Germany was starving. A soft-hearted guard gave the man a pickle, who then was given the will and strength to live by just eating a pickle. There is never any mention as to what side of the war he was on or whether it was a dill or a sweet gherkin. Or even how Christmas even fits into the story! The questions left to ponder on that story far outweigh the question of the pickle in the first place.

Another swell story involves two Spanish boys traveling home from boarding school when they stopped at an inn for the night. The innkeeper killed them and stuffed them in a pickle barrel. St. Nick was making his rounds and asked for a pickle. He discovered the boys and miraculously brought them back to life.
I told you they were tall tales.

Truth be known, it was probably some traveling salesman with too many darn pickles to sell who made up the story and created the strange tradition.

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