Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Gifts for Her–Emerald and Handmade


There was nothing as brilliant as the Emerald City, and that was due to the greens that radiated from this cut crystal. It is the stone of the heart and associated with love and mercy for all living beings. The Chinese goddess Quin Yin, the goddess of universal love and inner beauty, is also associated with the emerald.

A stone of wisdom and abundance, it also has healing powers and considered an aphrodisiac. It is said to regulate eye pressure, which means that many a jeweler will keep this stone on their worktable while working on tiny pieces. Meditation while holding an emerald can produce excellent results. When coupled with gold, it is an outstanding and powerful stone that is said to help heal the back and spine.

The emerald is stated to offer balance to the spirit and the emotions. It can increase the energy level of the organs in the body like the heart. That is why it is the anahata chakra that balances all of the other chakra.

The green emerald is the stone of Taurus and means good luck and fortune to those who are born under the bull. If you are in need of some revitalization, hold it next to a ruby or other quartz for a burst of new strength and energy.

Whether you are a Taurus or not, the beauty of emerald green is something that brings renewal to all those who wear it.  Here are some delightful emerald green handmade gifts to choose from.

Tractor Wall Art

Kevs Krafts 

Dainty green glass beads bar necklace, The green roses necklace, choker

Andrea Designs 

Emerald Green Swarovski Rivoli Earrings, Brass Peace Dove Jewelry

Victorian Style Treasures 


Nebraska Farm Life

Colleen Cornelius 

Crochet Necklace, Green Gold Lariat, Seed Bead Jewelry, Gift for Her

 Morgan Jewelry Design 

Emerald Green Swarovski Crystal Earrings May Birthstone Sterling silver


Tree of Life Earrings, Green Copper Jewelry Czech Glass Miracle Beads

Shadow Dog Designs 

Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads, Petroleum Green Etched Matte 218e

Covergirl Beads 

Emerald Green Swarovski Crystal Earrings Vintage Rhinestone Crystal Vintage Teardrop Pendants

Magdalene Jewels 

Green Crystal Earrings, Spring Green, Silver Pewter Cone Earrings, One Inch Dangle

The Singing Beader 

Unique Green Wood - Fungus Wood Earrings, Handmade


Swarovski Emerald Green and Pearl Snowflake Sterling Silver Earrings


Green and Yellow Lampwork Beaded Necklaces for Women

Blue Morning Expressions 

If you didn’t see something that you thought would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea, then contact any of these artists, and ask them to help you create something.

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Hurry and buy your handmade Mother’s Day gift now; handmade gifts sell out fast!