Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Mother's Day Countdown 2022 Midweek 4 Famous Mothers


Mother Teresa

While never a mother in the traditional sense, Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Calcutta) was the founder and leader of the Missionaries of Charity, where over 4500 nuns in 133 countries tended to the sick. These women cared for those who were dying of AIDS, tuberculosis and leprosy. In addition to their ministry, they also have soup kitchens, mobile clinics, orphanages and schools.

Sister Teresa was born in 1910 in North Macedonia’s capital Skopje, which was in the Ottoman Empire at the time of her birth. She committed herself to a life as a missionary as young as 12-years-old when she heard the stories of the nuns in Bengal. She made her vows in 1937 in Calcutta where she stayed for 20 years. Sister Teresa became Mother Teresa when she packed up and went to live amongst the poor in order to better serve their needs.

She began a hospice from a converted Hindu temple in 1952. She opened the doors to other faiths by allowing those to die with dignity according to their faiths. She wanted them ‘to die like angels – loved and wanted’.

She was born Albanian, Catholic in faith, and she belonged to the world. Her travels took her to the worse places on earth, and she rescued 37 children caught in the crossfire of the Palestinians and the Israelis in Beirut. She tended to those exposed to radiation during Chernobyl, and she traveled meeting one tragedy after another, she opened missions and taught successors how to care for those in need.

Never a mother, but always a Mother, Teresa touched everyone as a human being that was deserving of dignity. She died on September 5th in 1997. As she lived, she was overlooked by the world in death. That was the same day that Princess Diana died.

Image By Manfredo Ferrari - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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