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Mother's Day Countdown 2022 Week 2 Midweek Post Famous Mothers


Irena Sendler is the Mother of the Children of the Holocaust, as well as the biological mother of three of her own. Over 2,500 children were smuggled to freedom by Irena and her friends when the Nazis began their march into Poland. The women forged documents and papers for at-risk children in the Warsaw Ghetto. They then hustled them out of the ghetto and into safe spaces like orphanages and convents where they were cared for by the nuns.

Even though she was very careful, Irena was arrested by the Germans and sentenced to death. As she was being taken away, she handed off the list of children to one of the other women for safekeeping.

Her detention was cut short once a benefactor bribed a prison guard who secured her release. However, she had been beaten severely as she was being interrogated.

In order for the children to be returned to their rightful families once the danger passed, she had hidden their real names in jars that she kept safe. After the war, the names were handed over to the Polish officials, so they could reunite children with families. Although, many of those families no longer existed.

Jack Mayer tells the story of the names in jars in his 2011 book, Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project.

Irena spent her entire life advocating for children up until her death in 2008 at the age of 98.

Mariusz Kubik, - own work,

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  1. Thank you, Julie for your midweek post for the 2nd week of the Mother's Day countdown and including my cross pendant necklaces. I enjoyed reading about Irene Sendler and all the children of the holocaust she saved. Sharing....

  2. Thank you Julie for including my Newborn Maryjanes/Headband among your Mother's Day Gifts!
    Thank you also for another interesting, information article. I am currently reading "The Betrayal of Anne Frank" which details all many of the German woman did to protect the Jews. A lot of the information you mention is detailed in this book! Thanks again!

  3. Today is Wednesday - so sorry I'm so slow in getting here - LOL! Irene Sandler has always been a hero of mine. What a caring, brave woman. Thank you so much for this mid-week post and for including my St, Francis necklace with all the other wonderful beauties. Will pin and schedule item tweets and share the blog everywhere. Treats to Handsome Harry from the Ever Watchful Moose.

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  6. Thank you for sharing Irena Sendler's story. These Holocaust stories need to be retold.

  7. Great choice for the week! Years back, I saw on DVD a pretty good 2009 movie entitled "The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler," starring Anna Paquin. It's worth a prime vid rental, for sure! Off to tweet the Midweek post! Happy sales, all!