Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Mother's Day Countdown 2022 Week 1 Midweek Post Famous Mothers


Julia Ward Howe can be given credit for Mother’s Day even though Anne Jarvis was responsible for the organization of the holiday. It was Julia’s writing that began the tradition. In 1872, she was the editor at Woman’s Journal where she penned the Mother’s Day Proclamation that laid the groundwork for the holiday that Anne Jarvis was inspired to launch.

Julia also was the author behind the pen on The Battle Hymn of the Republic after an inspirational meeting with Abraham Lincoln. She went on to be a co-founder in the New England Woman Suffrage Association and was a vehement advocator of the education of women.

In 1908, she died at the age of 88. She was the mother of six children.

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  1. Thank you, Julie for including my yellow and green earrings for the first week of the Mother's Day Countdown midweek post. Enjoyed reading all about these two women who were inspired to start Mother's Day. They made it possible for women today to work hard to achieve their dreams. I have shared each of these gifts on Pinterest in various boards and will share the blog to my FB page soon.

    Here's one of my boards:

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  2. Fascinating piece about Julia Howe. I knew about the Mother's Day connection but never made the leap to realize it was also her that wrote Battle Hymn of the Republic. She looks like a person you did NOT want to cross - LOL! Many thanks for the mid-week post. So many beautiful items for Mom! The Moose and I thank you for sharing mt Tree of Life necklace. Moose also sends Not-So-Hairy Harry Wednesday treats.

  3. Thank you Julie for including my Knitted Scarf among your lovely choices of Mother's Day Gifts.
    Again, you provided us with interesting information with a bit of Mother's Day History. I would have loved to have met Julia Howe, she sound like she was a go-getter of her time!

  4. Really beautiful gift ideas. All have been pinned, tweeted and hash-tagged with #bmecountdown. Happy sales!

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  8. Nice subject for the midweek posts! Enjoyed reading about Julia Ward Howe, and seeing all the lovely handmade accompaniments! Treats to Prince Harry Pup! Off to tweet!