Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Mother's Day Countdown 2022 Week 3 Midweek Famous Mothers


Marie Curie might be best known as the Mother of Modern Physics, but she has many firsts under her belt. She was the only woman to win the Nobel Prize more than once, as well as the person who coined the phrase ‘radioactivity’. Her work in isolating radioactive isotopes revealed the elements radium and polonium.  These discoveries allowed her to create an x-ray service that could be used in the field during WWI.

Her daughter, Irene, went on to follow her mother into science and was a Nobel Laureate in Physics and Chemistry by her own right.

Marie’s other daughter, Eva, was a journalist, pianist and American author.

In 1934, Marie died from leukemia brought on by her work with radioactive materials. Today, her notebooks are still radioactive, so they are held in lead boxes in storage.

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