Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring is on the Way

Volume 11 Issue 4, April 2014



What's New in April?


The geese are pairing up, and there are at least a dozen of them running up

and down the lane and hanging out in the pond. The ice is all gone from

the pond, but we are looking for another couple days of snow showers.

Spring is in the air! It is also all over the floor as the lane muds up and the

dog plays in the yard. I follow him with a mop!


It won’t be long before the birds start nesting and we have baby robins all

over the yard. In the meantime, I am waiting on the flowers to bloom. They

are blooming all over my work bench these days as I add pastel flowers to

my cane collection. We spent last month working on our counted cross

stitch site. I did a lot of pattern redesign and

added quite a few new ones.


We also participated in gifting the stylist of 2 Broke Girls a bracelet to be

considered for an upcoming show. The new season of Hart of Dixie has

started, and we really hope they use our Lemon Drop necklace in an

episode. There are never any guarantees, so all we can do is hope.


Cellphone Charms: I am really enjoying getting some of my little charms out

and adding them to pretty much everything! This month is was slices of pizza

and a set of lips.


Bookmarks: Since I am always reading, I started creating bookmarks

for those of us who are bookworms.


Everything is in my Artfire studio, my Etsy shop and my



Until next month,

Julie & Blu



Things to Look Forward To:


New Products:


Watches: I will be doing more watches this month.


Counted Cross Stitch Patterns: I also have a lot of new counted cross stitch patterns to develop for our sister site


Necklaces: I have a lot of new necklaces in the works that are simple chains.


Pushpins: Many more pushpins coming!


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  1. Came here via Esty Questions and love your blog. I think I will start adding a newsletter to mine. Great idea.
    Katy x