Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Black is Black

Black is about as classic and classy as you can get. This color adds sophistication to your designs or your art, and those who love black know that it is flattering and easily accessorized. Everything goes with black, and black is not only for goth, it is for elegant wear. It is at home at upscale parties and downtown nightclubs. Some of the  most expensive gemstones come in black, and that lends to its exclusivity.

Black Opal

The rarest of all opals and more expensive than black diamonds. This stunning gemstone is  filled with fire and color. This gemstone comes from Australia, and October babies sparkle and shine in opal.

Black Opal

Black Diamond

The second most expensive gemstone. Since the diamond starts as a black stone, you would think there would be more of them, but there are not. They hail from Brazil and the Central African Republic. Like any other diamond, they are the birthstone of the April child.

Black Beryl

The more pure a piece of beryl is, the clearer it is, so a black beryl is filled with impurities. They come from Madagascar and Mozambique, and even though they are not as rare as a red beryl, they are still very rare.

Black Pearl

Black pearls are known as Tahitian pearls, and they are rare. My grandmother went to Hawaii one year and opened an oyster. She got a pair of pearls. One was white and one was black. It was a beautiful  stone. The oyster  may not have felt the same way. February and November lay claim to the pearl as one of their birthstones.

Black Pearl

Black Sapphire

The same stone that gives us the ruby is called a sapphire when it is any other color than red. The traditional sapphire is a blue stone, but a black sapphire is not unheard of. These  stunning stones are translucent with a six star shine throughout them that is beautiful. The sapphire is the birthstone of the September child.

While all of these hard to find stones are equally gorgeous, there are plenty of more common black gemstones that can be found in today’s jewelry design.  The black garnet, zircon and onyx are more readily available. Additionally, designers like to use tourmaline, spinel, moonstone, obsidian (the cabin I lived in was called Obsidian Point because the ground was filled with arrowheads made from the abundance of lava from volcanoes), jasper, hematite and jet.

If you are looking for something classy and elegant, take a look at these beautiful black offerings from handmade artists and designers.

Closeup Black Blister Beetle

Photography & Digital By Colleen Cornelius

The black night tulip bracelet, stretch bracelet

Andrea Designs 

Black Lava Rock Gemstone and Lampwork Stretch Bracelet

Covergirl Beads 

Swarovski Jet Black Crystal Teardrop Earrings with Sterling Silver

Victorian Style Treasures 

Black and White Leather Crystal BOHO Wide Cuff 7 1/2 Inch Bracelet

Kats All That 

Handmade Black Beaded Bracelet and Earrings Set


Black Hearts Necklace w Silver Filigree Accents Onyx Swarovski Crystals

Magdalene Jewels 

Druzy Quartz Pendant, Black Onyx 6 mm Faceted Beads 18 inch necklace Earring Set


Skull Crossbones Earrings, Pirate Jewelry Day of the Dead Halloween

Shadow Dog Designs 

Onyx Sardonyx Charm Bracelet, Black Round Puffy Coin Beads, Adjustable To Size Large 9"

The Singing Beader 

Black and White Earrings for Women Drop Buttons

Blue Morning Expressions 

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