Wednesday, April 14, 2021

You are My Sunshine

Yellow is happy and bright. Yellow makes you smile even when you don’t wanna. Yellow is warm and nurturing. It is the color of the sun in the summer and the bright petals on a  sunflower. Everyone loves yellow. Even when yellow can be a little dangerous and send a warning out to you, you are still drawn to it.

Yellow Diamond

Did you know that the yellow diamond is the most common color in diamonds? It’s just that for whatever reason, people prefer the white ones. The diamond is the birthstone of April babies.

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Spinel

This stone is normally a red stone, and they are quite often used as a ruby substitute. However, they are available in yellow, and yellow is a very rare color for these stones. That makes them sought after by collectors.

Yellow Sphene


Cymophane is the name given to chrysoberyl when it is yellow instead of green. They are the third hardest stone and are sought out for their chatoyancy. They are known as cat’s eye stones and this was once the June birthstone.


Yellow Topaz

If you lived in the Middle Ages, you called all yellow stones topaz, but now the word topaz is anything that is siliate regardless of the color. Yellow topaz is also known as precious topaz, and it can be found in Brazil.

Yellow Topaz

Other yellow stones that are commonly found in jewelry include amber, yellow jade, sunstone, yellow beryl, citrine, agate and flourite.

Here are some other ways to add sunshine to your life.

Handmade Lampwork Glass Bead Set, Bumble Bee Wavy Yellow Black Shiny

Covergirl Beads 

Beach Theme Silver Key Chain, Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Key Ring

Victorian Style Treasures 

Sunflower Pendant Necklace Yellow Polymer Clay w Jonquil Mint Swarovski Crystals

Magdalene Jewels 

Crochet handmade hat, yellow cotton yarn

Andrea Designs 

Healing jewelry, Reduce anxiety - Chakra Bracelet


Golden Sun Sunburst Earrings Amber Red Turquoise Boho Handmade Jewelry

Shadow Dog Designs 

Yellow Flower Czech Bead Earrings With Blue Crystals

The Singing Beader 

Sunflowers Note Card Watercolor print 5x7 Greeting Card yellow sunshine greeting card handmade


Bali Diamond-Swarovski Citrine-Chartreuse Gold Chandelier Earrings



Yellow Green Pink Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings for Women Dangles

Blue Morning Expressions 

See? Now, didn’t that make you smile?

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  1. Yellow is always such a cheerful color (which is probably why we always had pale yellow walls when we used to live a lot further north trying to survive all those gray days - LOL!). Love the gemstone you highlighted and all the beauties you chose. Many thanks for including my earrings. The Moose says the Harry Boy needs a treat and a roll in the dirt.

    Will pin and schedule tweets for the items and share the blog everywhere I can. Thanks again!

  2. The color yellow sure is a day brightened for me! Thank you, Julie, for including my yellow flower earrings. I also enjoyed reading about and seeing the pictures of the yellow diamond and gemstones. Shared each of these wonderful handmade gifts!

  3. Thank you Julie for this lovely Sunny collection of Mother's Day Gifts. Any mother would love to have one of these pieces!

  4. Love your choice of color, yellow. I am singing "You are my Sunshine". Thanks for brightening up my day. Thanks so much Julie for sharing my keychain. I have pinned on 3 different boards.

  5. Yellow is such a bright and happy color. Thank you for including my earrings in your post. All will be tweeted, pinned and hash-tagged.

  6. Yellow has been my favorite color since I was little girl! (Altho I also like orange now too.) Such a nice post, with info on minerals and lots of handmade googies for Mother's Day gift giving! (Treats to Prince Harry Pup from Sir Gonze!)

  7. Love your yellow stone post.
    Thanks Julie for including my sunflower.

  8. Julie,

    Thank you for including my yellow cotton hat in this gorgeous collection of sunny yellow.
    I shared all the creation on Twitter and Pinterest board 2021-Mother's day-Handmade Shopping Guide.

    Have a great weekend!