Sunday, June 8, 2014

Are You Experienced?

By: Julie L. Cleveland

What’s red, yellow, purple and green?

The bouquets at the farmer’s market at Pike’s Market in Seattle! I took a ton of tulip photos when I was there last month, and I had the pleasure of staying at the Tulip Inn in Skagit County in order to be close to the farms where all the tulips were so beautifully starting to bloom. I blogged about my tulip trip in my Tulipfest 2014 post. That was the purpose of my entire trip to Washington this time around, but what I did not expect was the enjoyable day we spent wandering around Seattle. My goodness, there are SO many steps in Seattle! Seems like every where I went, I was either walking up 800 million steps or going down 300 million. No wonder everyone running around downtown was so fit.

While we were downtown, we decided to have lunch at Ivars, which is the best fish and chips in the world, before we went on to the EMP Museum to see the Jimi Hendrix exhibit. Our expectations and reality parted way once we got inside, but it was still a fun exhibit. It was just not the extensive exhibit we thought we would see. Although, I was more entertained by his jackets than anything else. Photography in the EMP is not the best, and there is no flash allowed, so what I managed to capture is of very poor quality, but it was interesting in its own way.

Here are two articles of clothing that were on exhibit. Maybe a few of you remember these?

jimijacket2 jimijacket1

The orange floral shirt was from April of 1967 when he was on tour in England, Germany and Sweden. It was used for his performances on television because it stood out.

The lime greenish jacket is a London Dandie made by Dandie Fashions. Dandie Fashions has dressed David Bowie, Brian Jones, Roger Daltry and of course, Jimi. They were all fond of their frilly silk shirts.

While I am not a Jimi fan, it was a thrill to see this little exhibit because regardless of my thoughts about his music, he was a cultural icon in my youth and his music influenced so many future musicians. Here is his gear from his Experienced tour. You can see it stenciled on the side of the box.

jimi2 jimi1

Are you experienced?


Julie and Blu



  1. What an unexpected fun post about Seattle. I can picture Pike Place Market and I've eaten at Ivar's but no, not visited the Jimi Hendrix exhibit. Far Out.

  2. Such a contrast - tulips and Hendrix! :) I'm not a huge Jimi Hendrix fan, either, but my husband tells me that Hendrix was one of the top guitarists in the world. Someday I hope to visit Seattle. I'll be sure to have some world famous fish and chips there! :)

  3. Interesting post. I'm not a Hendrix fan either, but my husband is.

  4. Thanks for sharing the experience, Julie and beautiful Blu! :) I was (and still am) a Hendrix fan - he was amazing! - and I sure would love to see this exhibit.

  5. I am jealous that you got to see the exhibit and you're not even a fan! How can you not be a fan? When he was alive, I believe he was the greatest guitarist in the world. I'm still a fan, and so is my 23 year old son.