Sunday, June 29, 2014

Classic Chevys

By: Julie L. Cleveland


I have been doing a big project that has revolved around classic Chevrolets, and I have had a blast with this project. Although, it can be tedious at times, it is great fun to go back and dredge up mechanical and part information on the cars. When I compare this Chevy cop car with the nondescript cars that are on the roads today, I cannot help but be sad.

DSC_0009This is a car that had character, style and oh, look at those fins! While fins were really going out of style in the late 50s, there is something that is nostalgic about them now. I took this photo at a rodrun in West Yellowstone a couple years ago. I really enjoy cars, and I am sad that cars do not have any real individuality today. I guess that is why I like going to the car shows.

From an artistic point of view, this car is perfectly proportioned and has nice, clean lines. The grill is a great offset to the width of the front end, and the eyebrows are perfectly designed to balance the lights. Not all cars are Christine!

I have been all over the country to car shows, and I have found that my photos are well received from other car people. I have sold a lot of copies of my ‘32 Ford shots from a Goodguys show in Tampa, Florida, and I have a shot of the Chevy sitting in the field in the ghost town of Bodie, California.

While I miss these old cars, my Falcon had a steel dash that would take your teeth out if you hit it. It did not have seat belts, so you rode at your own risk.

Though I do not get excited over today’s cars, the safety features have come a long way, so Blu and I are relatively safe in my non-descript beige Chevy Blazer. All the parts are plastic and required to crumple upon impact to absorb the shock of an accident. That and I get more than three miles a gallon of gas in my Blazer. Still, there is no power in the Blazer. There is power in that cop car.

I still love cars. I just love the ones that go fast and grumble at a stop light, and there is nothing wrong with that.


Julie and Blu



  1. LOL on the MPG! I remember one ca I ha 1963 Olds 10 miles per gallon, premium. Regular would make it knock when I turned it off :)


  2. Beautiful photograph and beautiful car

  3. Wow, the good ol' days! Great pic!

  4. Hahaha, hear you about nondescript cars. My first car was a 1958 (I think) Buick limited. Can you say HUGE fins. It made the trip back and forth from my home town to college packed with friends who didn't have a car who needed to hitch a ride. Think the only safety feature it had was that it was a land yacht, sooooo big - we could fit 4 in the front seat fairly comfy!. Those were the days. After graduating I bought one of those exploding Pintos. Often wished I still had the Buick - it is so cool looking. Now I drive a 1989 Land Cruiser, fondly called the "Dog Mobile". Will drive that until I can't drive it any more. Heck, it will probably out last me. Fun post, Julie. Thanks!

  5. Not a car person myself, but my DH and little man do. And boy, when they talk about cars, I yawn, lol. I do like cars as I need them to get around ;-)