Friday, June 27, 2014

On Birthdays

By: Julie L. Cleveland



On Birthdays


I shall have another one, please and thanks.

I may or may not indulge in red velvet cake. Just as I may or may not go out for dinner.

I will enjoy my family and friends, and I will not look back.

I will look forward to tomorrow and hope that it is a nice enough day to play outside.

I will not worry about things I have on my To-Do list. They will still be there tomorrow.

I will not let anyone give me their problems today.

I will take photos of everything around me that inspires me.

I will remember the day and relish it.

I will get all my obligations out of the way first thing, so I can go play.

I will share pictures and laugh with my friends.

I will read another chapter in the book I am reading.

I will sing and dance to my favorite music.

I will let Blu take me for a walk, and we will chase ducks.

Yes, I shall have another, please and thanks.





Julie and Blu