Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Words That Keep Me in Stitches

By: Julie L. Cleveland

After discovering and fooling around with the word cloud apps, I played with the words to America the Beautiful for my first little project. When I talked about the abilities of the word cloud and the reason that it would appeal to artistic people, I knew that I would find a use for these little exercises. The images were too small to take to Zazzle and print on coffee mugs, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get those done, it just means that in my creative frenzy, I took the first images I got and went to work transforming them into something else.

It took me 5 hours with my Wacom tablet to get the image cleaned up enough to present it as a counted cross stitch pattern, but I do think it has enormous potential. The pattern features my original colors, but the pattern is also set up to be changed to fit decor.

It went from this:



to this:


I see more potential and more products from the word cloud software.

How have you taken something and turned it into another revenue stream for your business?


Julie and Blu