Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fellow Bloggers from Artfire

By: Julie L. Cleveland

In my Nose in a Book post I introduced you to a few of my fellow bloggers from the Artfire blogging guild, and I promised to introduce you to more of my blog friends. Well, here is the post, and here are the rest of the gang.


Nat of Adore by Nat blogs about her party planning tips and her party favors. She uses her blog to introduce new products and designs, like this post about her puppy party favors. Nat travels around the world, so we never know where she will be posting from. Natalie loves all things papercraft.





Anna of Crafts of the Past not only deals in antiquities, she also has jumped into the polymer world. She has a studio filled with treasures from all over the world as well as her own creations. Anna posts educational posts about her finds, and she has an alter ego that posts about her venture into working with polymer. In her most recent post as Polly, she discusses the malleably of polymer clay.




Nancy of Wyverndesigns also works in polymer, but she works in fiber as well. She works in macramé, leather and knotting. She also knits and crochets. Her latest post was an introduction post that showcased her designs and her shops.




Michelle of Polkadot Orchid is a new mom, and she does embroidery with an emphasis on custom work. She blogs about a variety of things that include recipes. Many of her posts revolve around how to improve product photography through the use of props and finishing touches in Photoshop. She has been instrumental in teaching a lot of new sellers how to set up their shots.



Chris of Chrysalis Art Glass is one of our newer members, and she is located in Australia. She is a lampwork bead artist, which is my second favorite thing next to polymer. She creates beads, and she designs finished jewelry. She also works in fiber to create felted pieces of wearable art. Chris’s latest post highlights a hand felted oven mitt project.


Now, you have met the entire group!

Stop by and visit their blogs and studios. They will appreciate it.


Julie and Blu