Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dragon Tears

By: Julie L. Cleveland


My birthstone is both the pearl and the alexandrite. For this particular post, I am celebrating the pearls that have been used in these handmade pieces of jewelry. The artists used natural pearls to create amazing pieces of heirloom quality jewelry. Pearls are both contemporary and traditional. The use of pearls in jewelry promotes wisdom and mystical properties.

Pearls are said to provide the wearer with power, money, luck and protection. They solidify love and engagement. The Chinese believed that when dragons fought, pearls simply fell from heaven. Tears from the gods.

I don’t know about the dragon tears thing, but they are lovely anyway. In all their loveliness, it is still the irritation of the oyster that delivers these beautiful offerings into our hands.

Here are some of the lovely pearl jewelry from the JCUIN guild on Artfire.



Big White Chunky Pearl Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver Wires Handmade


    "Milky Way" - Shell Pearl and Sterling Silver Earrings


    Wedding Earrings White Stick Pearl Cluster Cascade Drops Sterling


    Shell Pink Crystal Pearl Wire Wrap Stud Earrings Gold Filled Handmade


      White and Mauve Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings


      Serifinite Pendant with Pearl Accent Set in Sterling Silver psrff1763


      Necklace Potato Pearl and Turquoise Lime Crystal and Pearl Pendant


      Large Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings, Accessories, 14k Rose Gold Filled,


      Real Pearl wire on a sterling silver Heart



      Ruby Crystal White Freshwater Pearl Earrings Sterling Silver Handmade



      White Coin Pearl Swarovski Handmade Earrings Wedding Bride Jewelry


        Cultured Fresh Water Pearls Dangle Earrings



        Julie and Blu



        1. Amazing display of pearly jewelry. Thanks for posting this blog. Rooting for your success in the blogathon!

        2. Stunning pearl jewelry pieces, Pearls can be combined beautifully with crystals and just about any type gemstone. thank you for including my white and mauve sterling earrings. Sharing this post.

        3. I adore pearls and adore them even more now that they are supposed to be dragon tears (: How fun! A great collection of pearly items, Julie. Thank you for including mine. Sharing with the world now. Seamus wishes Blu could help in chase the dino-lizards in the back yard and investigate the weird looking frog that appears each night (not a tasty snack there!). Thanks again.

        4. I love pearls! I like using them in "unexpected" ways and in more rustic designs too. If there weren't so many wonderful beauties from the earth and sea I might wear pearls everyday. Nice post

        5. Beautiful pearls! I was unfamiliar with the stick pearl and was struck by the beauty of the earrings from bohowirewrapped. The pearl jewelry you chose to highlight goes far beyond the familiar pearl necklace that many ladies, especially from the South, traditionally wear. :)

        6. I'm going to have to get some more pearls . Since my shop name is related to dragons, I really should highlight the dragon tears thing. Wonderful post! Thanks for including my pearl earrings.

        7. What's not to love about pearls? I guess I didn't know or don't remember about the dragon tears, but I do know that when you see a dragon with a ball, that ball is called "the pearl of fire". Thanks for including my earrings. Will share.

        8. Fascinating myths and legends are associated with the pearl. I love this one about dragon tears and also an old Arabic legend romantically explaining that the pearls formed when moonlight-filled dew drops descended from the sky into the oceans and were swallowed by oysters. Nobody knows when someone first pried open an oyster and found a pearl. Although there are many stories about the discovery of pearls, the one I like the most is that more than likely the first pearl was discovered when a prehistoric man chipped his tooth when he bit into an oyster that contained a pearl. With its soft, rainbow-hued inner radiance, that first pearl must have seemed like a magical gift from the gods, so ever since, each culture has a different story. I am happy one of my pearl designs caught your eye and you featured it here, proud to be in such good company! Thank you and will share... :)

        9. Such a lovely selection of pearl varieties and beautiful jewelry designs! Thank you for including my serifinite and pearl pendant.

        10. Gorgeous creations with pearls! My Chinese name has pearl meaning in it as my Mom said and maybe that's why I love pearls :-) Great article, Julie. Thanks for sharing!

        11. Beautiful, thank you for including my pendant ...will share :O)

        12. Wow - what gorgeous pearl jewels! I want them all! :) Thank you so much, Julie and beautiful Blu, for including my earrings with all these lovely treasures. Off to tweet! :)

        13. Absolutely gorgeous selection of jewelry. Love it love it love it.

        14. Very nice blog, Julie! Love the pearl creations!